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About Cosmic Comics

3830 E Flamingo Rd
Suite F-2
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 451-6611

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COSMIC COMICS!  Purveyors of the largest selection of comics in the valley, our ever-expanding inventory is unsurpassed.  Owned and operated by lifelong comic book enthusiasts, our goal is to ensure the community access to the daily-recommended dosage of comic book goodness!

Jim Brocius

Founder & Co-Owner

Jolly Jim Brocius began reading comics in 1959.

One September day in 1963 he read a comic book that was so good his brain began to scream “I GOTTA GET SOME MORE OF THESE!”

49 years and a quarter of a million comics later his brain is still screaming.

Jim is a proud member of FOOM, Marvelmania International and the Merry Marvel Marching Society – class of 1965 and 1967.  He is a three-time recipient of the fabled Marvel Comics No-Prize and has twice appeared in the legendary Stan’s Soapbox.  He claims not to want all the comic books in the world, saying that he’ll be happy with just one of each. He says that reality is far over-rated.  He  insists that no worthwhile political opinion can be formed without being a regular reader of MAD magazine.  His misspent youth is apparently an ongoing project with no completion date in sight.  He laughs three times a day as a matter of general principle.

Brian Fudge

Director of Operations & Co-Owner

Bashful Brian Fudge is an admitted “comic-a-holic” and like so many of the once-innocent, his comic book reading began as mere youthful experimentation, but the Brain-Blasting-Bombardment of the Four-Color Fantasmagoria assaulted his senses so severely that he soon found himself with a 5-comic-a-day fix that could only be satiated by becoming a Comic-Book-Pusher-Man himself to support his ever-growing habit– A task Brian Fudge does exceedingly well as the principal owner/operator of Cosmic Comics!

So if you’re in the Las Vegas area and you need to get your fix, Bashful Brian Fudge is the man to talk to. Just ask Burke over at Nerd Farm Blog what’s up and he’ll tell you all about Brian’s uncanny ability to recommend comics your sure to be hooked on. Jim Brocius is the supplier, Brian Fudge is the pusher, comic books are the fix.