End of the World Blow-out Sale! As we all know the Mayan Calendar is counting down to doom. Since the world is going to end we figure why not go out in style. The hour is upon us. This Friday at the stroke of solstice (4:12 a.m. Mountain Standard Time), the Maya Long Count calendar will click over to read "," (pronounced "thirteen b'aktun") for the first time in … [Read more...]


HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet Month 5 Results

Infinity Gauntlet Month 5 Results On Saturday, May 12th, 2012 the shop had its monthly Infinity Gauntlet HeroClix Tournament. Here are the results of the tournament. Round 1: Aaron vs. Austin Winner: Austin Dustin vs. Carl Winner: Dustin Pasky vs. Tim Winner: Tim Freddie vs. Nate Winner: Freddie Ed vs. Lupe Winner: Lupe Round 2: Austin vs. … [Read more...]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 Results

The Results are in for The Infinity Gauntlet Month 4: Battle for the Gardener! This past Saturday, April 21st Cosmic Comics! had our fourth tournament of The Infinity Gauntlet series. We had nearly 20 players come to the shop and compete in this month's HeroClix tournament to win prizes and raffle tickets for our Avengers #1 Giveaway on Free Comic Book Day! This tournament … [Read more...]