Silent Auction for Critical Care Comics!

Cosmic Comics and Critical Care Comics are teaming up for a silent auction showcasing some the finest talents from local artists. Come on down to Cosmic Comics to place your initial bids in between now and Saturday, June 29th. *bids must be placed in person*. Then on Saturday, June 29th in between 1-5pm come out […]

Silent Auction for Critical Care Comics!

Calling all local artists!!!! Would you like an opportunity to show off your work and help out a great cause while you’re at it?! We need some local artists to design awesome comic covers for a silent auction**. All proceeds will go to Critical Care Comics. Critical Care Comics is dedicated to bringing joy to […]

Natalie’s Iron Man 3 Review

A few days ago I got to attend the screening for Iron Man 3 thanks to being an employee of Cosmic Comics! As I was leaving the theatre I heard the inevitable “It was nothing like the comics” which I admittedly have no bias to since I never really read much into the Iron Man mythos. […]

Locke & Key: Omega #3

Hands down my favorite ongoing series, Locke & Key, is a thrilling roller coaster of suspense and horror. With only 4 issues left to the impending finale of the Omega arc, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez definitely aren’t holding back with the jaw dropping drama. This is one of those series that focuses on characters so much so that you […]

Happy Father’s Day From Cosmic Comics!

Happy Father’s Day From Cosmic Comics! Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful dads; to the men out there that work those overtime hours so that their little ones can have not only what they need, but some of the things they want too; to those dads that take vacation days so they can take […]

Why I love Aquaman… Yes, you read that right.

Often while I am ringing someone up at Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas I am frequently asked “Hey, what are you currently reading?” considering I often ask the same thing of customers I generally have one or two titles in mind to suggest: Batman & Robin is always my first pick seeing how I love Damien […]

Harley Quinn: New and Improved? Not So Much…

I realize this specific topic has been run into the ground… be it both the positive and the negative responses to DC’s new reboot of Harley Quinn, everyone’s favorite crazy-in-love villainess; however, now that I have the platform to do so I am going to throw in my two-cents on the topic. Harley isn’t exactly […]

The Making of Mjolnir

The Making of Mjolnir I decided that for the upcoming Avengers movie release & Cosmic Comic’s Free Comic Book Day event I would be cosplaying as female version of Thor. Upon this decision I looked online to purchase a Mjölnir since I figured a month was not enough time to forge the weapon of the God of Thunder. […]

The Avengers Movie Review by Cosmic Comics

The Avengers Movie Review by Cosmic Comics I was lucky enough to get one of the highly anticipated, highly coveted The Avengers screening passes from the awesome guys over at Cosmic Comics! along with my good friend Danny from Fat Beard Studios, who invited me in the first place. :)  Now I will be the first to admit […]

Batman & Robin #6 Review

Batman & Robin #6 Review Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Cover Art: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Artists: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: February 8, 2012 Cover Price: $2.99 In this issue, the consequences of Damian’s revolt lead Bruce towards an encounter with Nobody that may cause more than one fatality before the night is through. This […]

Batman & Robin #5 Review

  Batman & Robin: Issue #1-4 Recap In #1-4 you see a very emotionally damaged young child. Bruce kind of sees it but hopes he can change it, and chooses to be blind to how bad the situation really is. In the issues leading up to #5 you see just how twisted Damian Wayne is even […]