Terminator Genisys Review

The Dork Knight’s Terminator Genisys Review for Cosmic Comics First of all, I’d like to thank Cosmic Comics for sending me to the Terminator Genisys screening. It’s been nearly a year since your Friendly Neighborhood Dork Knight’s last review, so the opportunity was much appreciated. I always try to keep my reviews spoiler-free, typically not revealing […]

Are you ready for the Netflix Original Series Daredevil?

The Netflix Original Series Daredevil Last week, the Internet was set ablaze when the trailer for the Netflix Original Series Daredevil was released. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, here it is: YouTube Description: “Meet Matt Murdock. Blinded as a boy but imbued with extraordinary senses, Matt fights injustice by day […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review Hello my fellow comic book lovers and welcome to another one of your Friendly Neighborhood Dork Knight’s movie reviews! This time, your favorite fat-bearded nerd had the opportunity to attend an early screening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to the fine folks at Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas and […]

X-Men Days of Future Past Review

Check out the X-Men: Days of Future Past Final Trailer here if you haven’t done so already! The Dork Knight’s X-Men Days of Future Past Review During the climax of X2: X-Men United (my favorite from the original trilogy), Magneto says to Professor X as he sits inside Cerebro helpless, “How does it look from there Charles? Still fighting […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past Final Trailer

X-Men Days of Future Past Final Trailer Hello my three loyal dorks! :-P It’s your friendly neighborhood Dork Knight with another comic book movie trailer! I attended a midnight screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past with a group of friends and then again with my son, Number One, after he got out of school later that […]

Las Vegas Free Comic Book Day 2014 Raffles at Cosmic Comics

Cosmic Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Electro’s First Appearance) Las Vegas Free Comic Book Day 2014 Give-Away Mega Raffle! As most of you know, Sony Pictures is releasing Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 into theaters on Friday, May 2nd, 2014 (just one day prior to our Las Vegas Free Comic Book Day 2014 extravaganza) and not […]

Want a FREE PS4 from LVL UP EXPO? Of course you do!

ENTER TO WIN A FREE PS4! Just register for the LVL UP EXPO by January 31st, 2014 to be automatically entered to win a FREE PS4!!! If you’re reading this, chances are you love video games as much as we do so you’re probably planning on going to this year’s LVL UP EXPO at the Cashman Convention […]

Las Vegas Comic Expo Photos

The 2013 Las Vegas Comic Expo at Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Good day everyone! The Dork Knight is here to share with you some of the photos from this past weekend’s Las Vegas Comic Expo, a popular art themed convention that focuses on Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Anime, and everything in between. Be on the […]

The Lone Ranger Movie Review

The Dork Knight’s The Lone Ranger Movie Review A few month’s ago I was fortunate enough to attend a special AMC Theaters The Lone Ranger Trailer Debut and Fan Event at the AMC Town Square 18 thanks to the guys at Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas. There I was able to get a look at twenty minutes of footage that really got […]

World War Z Movie Review

What’s up nerds? The Dork Knight is back with his latest movie review. I know you all know we love zombies here at Nerd Farm and the night before last I attended the World War Z 3D press screening at Brenden Theatres & IMAX at the Palms in Las Vegas with fellow nerdy movie reviewers from […]

The Dork Knight’s Star Trek Into Darkness Review


Star Trek Into Darkness Review Star Trek Into Darkness does a wonderful job of focusing on the relationships between the characters much like the original Gene Roddenberry show and, in my opinion, has done the best job of any of the subsequent series at capturing the spirit of the original Star Trek. Even small exchanges, like the one between […]

Iron Man 3 Review

The Dork Knight’s Iron Man 3 Review Good morning Internet! The Dork Knight has returned for another comic book movie review. This time, your dorky do-gooder got to see Iron Man 3 thanks to the awesome folks at Cosmic Comics! I was even fortunate enough to take Number One (my oldest son) with me too, but before […]