Alters #1 Review. A Different Civil War.

Alters #1 Review The world of Alters #1 is changing, a population of the planet is changing, changing into something unnatural, super powered. Naturally they splintered into two groups, heroes and villains. With change often comes indifference and prejudice, especially when it's the civilians who often suffer the collateral damage of these new beings squabbles. And by … [Read more...]

Melanie Recommends Reading Scooby Apocalypse

Scooby Apocalypse is Recommended by Melanie Title: Scooby Apocalypse Writer: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis Artist: Howard Porter Publisher: DC Comics Issue #: 1-4 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Ongoing     What is this book about? This book takes a different concept on the Scooby gang.  In the series, every person has not met and/or … [Read more...]

Julia Recommends Reading Snotgirl

Snotgirl is Recommended by Julia Title: Snotgirl Writer: Bryan Lee O'Malley Artist: Leslie Hung Publisher: Image Comics Issue #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Ongoing     What is this book about? Snotgirl spotlights on Lottie Person, a twenty six year old well followed fashion blogger.  However, Lottie happens to be pretty shy and has … [Read more...]

Roland Recommends Reading JLA Salvation Run

JLA Salvation Run is Recommended by Roland Title: JLA Salvation Run Writer: Bill Willingham and Matthew Surges Artist: Sean Chen Publisher: DC Comics Issue #: 1-7 TPB Volume #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Mini-Series   What is this book about? Amanda Waller rounds up (read kidnaps) all the villains of the DCU and Boom Tubes them to an … [Read more...]

Animosity #1. A Girl and Her Dog.

Animosity #1 Review "One day, the animals woke up." That's how it starts, an eerie and cryptic warning of what's to come. Animosity is the story of the food chain flipped upside down, a short introduction in the front cover of Animosity #1 gives very general numbers of animals across Earth compared to the small population of humans, making the thought of an animal uprising … [Read more...]