Roland Recommends Reading JLA Salvation Run

JLA Salvation Run is Recommended by Roland Title: JLA Salvation Run Writer: Bill Willingham and Matthew Surges Artist: Sean Chen Publisher: DC Comics Issue #: 1-7 TPB Volume #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Mini-Series   What is this book about? Amanda Waller rounds up (read kidnaps) all the villains of the DCU and Boom Tubes them to […]

Animosity #1. A Girl and Her Dog.

Animosity #1 Review “One day, the animals woke up.” That’s how it starts, an eerie and cryptic warning of what’s to come. Animosity is the story of the food chain flipped upside down, a short introduction in the front cover of Animosity #1 gives very general numbers of animals across Earth compared to the small […]

Dual Review: Black Hammer #1 and Captain Kid #1

Dueling Review If you caught the little nuance between the link and the actual post title you’ll see how I cleverly disguised the nature of this review, it’s both a review of Dark Horse’s Black Hammer #1 and the freshman Aftershock’s Captain Kid #1 while also having them clash in some epic battle of indie […]

Snotgirl #1. Fashion. Blogging. Anxiety.

Snotgirl #1 Review It’s safe to say there’s been some hype behind Image Comics Snotgirl #1. Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung have created stylized book for the new ages. I only say that because I’m quickly becoming old, to millennials, probably. My great intro already introduced you to Snotgirl #1 and my skills in […]

Scooby Apocalypse #1. Rorld Rone Rong.

Scooby Apocalypse #1 review Well DC Comics has done it, they’ve made Scooby-Doo somewhat applicable to the newest generation of horror, sci-fi loving ne’er-do-wells, Scooby Apocalypse #1 is here. This isn’t to say Scooby-Doo hasn’t been relevant over the years, the gang has never really faltered in popularity, movies, merchandise, and a continued animated presence […]

Future Quest #1. Team Hanna-Barbera Lives Again

Future Quest #1 review Right before DC Comics goes off the rails with its brand new Rebirth launch, it brings a different kind of rebirth into the DC universe, one that I’m sure is in the hearts of every generation who had the chance to enjoy one of the many classic cartoons from Hannah-Barbera. I […]

Penny Dreadful #1. New Medium.

Penny Dreadful #1 review As many of you may know Penny Dreadful is a series that just started its third season on Showtime, even this I knew. I also knew it had something to do with vampires and the frighteningly gorgeous Eva Green. Come to find out thanks to Penny Dreadful #1, it’s quite a […]

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. 5 Part Crime Caper.

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank review Yes, yes, yes, the 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank review is here, I’ve been waiting to spout off about this book since I first flipped through its pages right off of the shelves. Easily my pick of the week, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is boasted […]

Let’s Rank Those IDW Deviations

IDW Deviations Reviews IDW had a pretty cool idea that spanned over this past March, one-shot events of their most popular books titled IDW Deviations. The Deviations can be described simply as IDW’s version of Marvel’s “What-If” books. The thing that propels it over most of Marvel’s “What-If” is IDW’s use of its intellectual properties. […]

Why wait for DC Rebirth?

Why wait for DC Rebirth? You may have heard about this thing DC is doing in the upcoming months, a little thing called “Rebirth”. Hell, maybe you haven’t heard of it, if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, here’s the Cliff’s Notes. Wait, you don’t know what Cliff’s Notes are either? Oh, […]

Snow Fall #1. Weather as a Weapon

Snow Fall #1 Review The year is 2045 and it no longer snows. In humanity’s drive to save itself and the planet from climate change, its race to use untested technology proved disastrous. Now earth has no seasons. The United States divided but survives held together on a whim as the “Cooperative States of America” […]

Spider-Man 2016 #1. It’s Miles Year

Spider-Man 2016 #1 Review Secret Wars is over and it’s a new year so I guess that means we got a whole lot of new number ones of books that didn’t need to be renumbered. The Marvel Universe get’s somewhat of a pass since its universe was essentially turned upside down and recreated thanks to […]