Infinity Gauntlet Month 6

Infinity Gauntlet Month 6

The Collector and The Reality Gem

The Collector, Infinity Gauntlet, Reality Gem

Reality Gem, Heroclix, Infinity GauntletOn June 23rd at Noon Heroclix Player will battle it out for a Limited Edition The Collector Heroclix! Every Player that comes and plays in this month’s tournament will receive the Reality Gem for their Infinity Gauntlet Dial as a participation prize.  Join our Facebook Event for the Month 6 Infinity Gauntlet Tournament to share with your friends or if you have questions about your team.

Here are all the Details you need to build your team

The format for month 6 is as follows:

500pt Silver Age

-No figures with HSS

-Transporters are allowed


Players must include an Infinity Gem Special Object in their object pool

-This means you have to build your force with an Infinity Gem and include the 10pts for the Gem in your force’s final point total

-Because you are playing with a Special Object it means you cannot use the IG Resoruce Dial

-Because the Infinity Gems are Immobile Objects, it means you cannot use another Immobile Object on your force (ie Gamma Bomb)

-If a player does not own an Infinity Gem, Cosmic will provide one for you

-For this scenario the Reality Gem will not be allowed to be used


One booster (or equvilant) entry fee.


There will be a Collector LE handed out as a Special Fellowship prize to the player who picks up an Infinity Gem the most times throughout the tournament. (Hint: there are ways to pick up an Infinity Gem more than 4 times throughout the day)


In addition to the 1st and 2nd place prizes there will be a Collector LE handed out as a Fellowship & Door prize.

To qualify for Fellowship Prizes a player must build a Named Keyword Theme Team.

To qualify for Door Prizes a player must purchase Heroclix product the day of the tournament.



Pre-register for the tournament at to ensure receiving the Reality Gem Special Object the day of the tournament and be eligable to receive the Space Racetrack/Collector’s Ship map. Accurate head count needed to have enough objects on hand the day of and there are limited maps available.


This is your sixth chance to earn points to qualify for the Thanos tournament that caps the IG events. In addition to qualifing for Thanos, high point earners at Cosmic will receive bonuses at later IG events and possible additional prizes at the end of the IG series.


Earn additional points by pre-registering for the tournament & by liking Cosmic Comics on Facebook & writing a recommendation.



Silver Age Defined:

-Stat Card era figures only

-Modern Age 3D Objects only

-ATAs are allowed

-No Feats, BFCs, or Bystander Tokens

-Highlander Rule in effect for all non-generics

-Named figures are unique by set symbol & collector’s number


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