Free Comic Book Day 2012 Free Books Review Part 4

More Free Comic Books!

Free Comic Book Day 2012 Free Books Review Part 4

With Free Comic Book Day coming ever so closer, I thought I would let you see a few more books that will be available on May 5th at Cosmic Comics!. The first of which, the much beloved Transformers! I’m not talking the Michael Bay abomination, I’m talking about the IDW Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5 FCBD Edition. If you’re wondering, it has to do with the Transformers origins.

The art is pretty good and the story is way, way in depth. Almost so in depth that I thought it was more for the children of the 80’s than the younger generation of Autobot-heads now (yes, I’m calling the lovers of Transformers, Autobot-heads), but it was the last 3 pages of this free book, the sneak peak at IDW’s Transformers: Autocracy, that got me excited about Transformers again. Transformers: Autocracy’s art is amazing and the book looks action packed with Optimus punching and destroying everything in site, topping it off with a gigantic explosion.

Here’s the trailer for Transformers: Autocracy:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Cosmic Comics, Free Comic Book DayOn the other side of the spectrum, a Dark Horse that really stole the show for me: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo free preview of the upcoming graphic novel from, you guessed it, Dark Horse.

Having never read the book and recently partaking in the fantastic film (check out the movie trailer below if you haven’t already), I thought TGWTDT would be old news and became a little disinterested in the story.

I guessed wrong.

The preview brought a whole new light into the already very intriguing series.

Sadly though, we must wait until the graphic novel appears, wait for it…

November of this year. November!?! Well, at least you can pick up the free preview on May 5th at Cosmic Comics! for Free Comic Book Day.

Burke from will be at Free Comic Book Day on May 5th at Cosmic Comics!. Come down, #getyourfix and try and win an original Avengers (1963) #1!


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