Heroclix Chaos Wars Midnight Release!

12am on July 11th Heroclix Chaos Wars Go On Sale!

Chaos Wars, Heroclix,


Heroclix, Chaos War, Marvel

25% OFF Bricks at Midnight!

This will be your first chance to get your new Heroclix and try to collect all 52 of the new figures!

Chaos War Midnight Release Party same night as The Walking Dead 100 Midnight Release!Tuesday, July 10th – Wednesday, July 11th

Marvel Heroclix Chaos War is the latest set from Marvel Comics it is a full 50 figure set. New Marvel Heroclix Chaos War Boosters go on sale at Midnight along with the new fast forces for the set. If you have not played before our midnight tournament is a great way to get introduced to Heroclix and can lead to a great spot to jump on the Infinity Gauntlet Tournaments. Midnight we have a massive Walking Dead 100 release party and get to geek out on Heroclix too. The Tournament that night will before the Marvel Heroclix Chaos War Organized Playkit. The LE Figures and maps from that kit will be handed out to the winners. Don’t worry there will be more than enough prizes for everyone with door prizes and figure bounties.

Come join the whole Cosmic Crew for Heroclix battles and the rise of the undead 12am July 11th doors will be open for the walking dead sale at 11pm July 10th.

Midnight to 4am

* Two Booster Sealed Tournament

Heroclix, Chaos War, Marvel

* Every player who attends will receive an LE, Special Object, or map from the CW OP Kit

* Door Prizes

* Free figures from the Figure Bounty box

***Sales- 25% off Brick purchases and 20% off all other Heroclix

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