Infinity Gauntlet Finale

Infinity Gauntlet: The Chase for Thanos

Thanos, Heroclix, Infinity Gauntlet

Come Get Him!

8 Months of waiting is over. The Final Infinity Gauntlet Heroclix Tournament is here. On August 18th Cosmic Comics will host an all day Mega Tournament. With 2 full rounds and 2 Thanos, the Mad Titan, Heroclix and 2 shrines of death up for grabs. There are special qualifications needed for this event you must have 12 IG points from the past 7 tournaments. If you have not played in the last 7 tournaments you can still get IG points, 2 dollars on Heroclix items day of the tournament = 1 IG point.


* First place in the main event will win the choice of either THANOS or a full set of Elders of the Universe.
* Second place in the main event will receive the prize the first prize winner did not choose.
* Third place will receive a full Chaos war prize kit
* Winner of the Battle Royal will also receive a THANOS
* Everybody that participates will receive a Terraxia LE figure(while available)
* Many other prizes to be given out

The Rules

* To qualify one must obtain 12 IG points

* To obtain missing IG points players may purchase product. For every $2 spent on heroclix product the player receives 1 IG point

* There is a 1 booster pack or equivalent fee to play in the event

Main Event

* Players will construct a 500pt silver age team with one figure wielding a full 40pt Infinity Gauntlet resource dial. The player does not have to own a full Infinity Gauntlet resource dial to participate in this event but is encouraged to bring all the pieces that they own. Players will play until a clear top 4 can be established.

* Players in the top 4 will then play in a 2 round tournament using 300pt, modern age, Gen-Con build restrictions team

Battle Royal

* Players who did not qualify for the top 4 will be encouraged to participate in the unlimited sealed battle royal that will run concurrently with the top 4 Play-off.

Build Restrictions

* The build for the Initial Event will be Cosmic Rules. This will include No Hypersonic speed characters (Transporters OK).

Highlander Rule in effect for all non-generics.

Named figures are unique by set symbol & collector’s number.

Street Fighter Heroclix, Gears of War Heroclix, Halo Heroclix, and Lord of the Rings Heroclix are legal Horde Tokens are allowed.

Epic Actions are in effect.

Star Trek Heroclix are legal in all formats

Stat Card sets figures only

Stat Card sets 3D Objects only

ATAs are allowed

Infinity Gauntlet Resource Dial is allowed

No Feats, BFCs, or Bystander Tokens

* The top 4 build restrictions will be based off of the Gen-Con Build restrictions.



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