Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs!

Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs

Look at this Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs, New This Week at Cosmic Comics!

Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs

Juggernaut Statue by Bowen

A Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs Sculpt! Cain Marko, the half-brother of powerful mutant telepath Charles Xavier, discovered a mystical gem in a Korean temple that gave him superhuman strength and stamina. Falling under the spell of Magneto, he became an implacable enemy of the X-Men as the Juggernaut. This menace to mutantkind comes to life as a powerful 14″ tall statue by Phil Ramirez.

This awesome Juggernaut Statue is limited to only 1000 pieces!  Our distributor is completely sold out and we only have two of them so claim it before it’s gone!


Until Juggernaut becomes a ballerina, #getyourfix at Cosmic Comics!


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