New Comic Day!

What’s New This Week at Cosmic Comics!

Heroclix, Teen Titans, Comic BooksThis week we see the continuation of the Avengers vs X-Men story line in both the main title with 4 covers and in Avengers #25. Garth Ennis breaths new life into an old character in Dynamite’s new title. “The Shadow” will see the return of the 1930s “Super Hero”. In the new Justice League#8 from DC Comics we’ll find out weather the Green Arrow will be part of the team. Geoff Johns has done a great job writing DC heros this will be a can’t miss issue. Another big week for Heroclix with the release of Avengers Movie Starter Set and Single Figure Boosters. Lenore fans can now show off with new Lenore coffee mugs and Tokidoki back in stock! And much more come in and find out…

Lenore, Coffee MugsTokidoki, Unicornos, Marvel

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