The Avengers Movie Review by Nerd Farm

 The Avengers Movie Review by Nerd Farm

The Avengers Movie Review by Nerd Farm

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some passes to the new Avengers movie yesterday thanks to my buds over at Cosmic Comics! For all those worry warts that thought the movie was going to suck, let me assure you, this movie is way better than anything you could have imagined.

The Avengers are up against a force from another universe, no they’re not Skrulls and that’s all I’m going to tell you. No surprise characters arrive, just the ones you see above plus the much beloved (and dead apparently) Hawkeye. The story develops with the building of the Avengers then takes off faster than Iron Man, so maybe not faster, into the greatest action you have ever seen in a super hero film. I’m going to say, some of the best action you’ve ever seen in a film, ever.Avengers Movie Poster

Joss Whedon snatched the life from the Avengers comic book and threw it full force into an action packed motion picture. The entire movie is an embodiment of the Avengers franchise. Each character is as cool and tough as you ever wanted them to be. It was literally like watching the comic book come to life. Each character interacts, jokes, and fights just like they would in the book. It’s not uncommon to have Avengers speak very openly during battle.

Besides seeing the movie in 3D, which it doesn’t need to be, nothing about the movie should have been in 3D, the Avengers film is a must see movie. Whether you’re young or old, hip or square, or even if you don’t know who the Avengers are, you have to see this movie. It’ll make you laugh, cry (with joy), and maybe puke if you aren’t good with the whole 3D thing. And be sure to sit through the animated credits for an exciting and disturbing final scene. It put the largest grin on my face.

The Avengers review is courtesy of Burke from See him on May 5th at Cosmic Comics! for Free Comic Book Day and a chance to win an original Avengers #1.



  1. I can’t wait. Especially the new SpiderMan.

  2. excited ahh=]


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