The Superhero During The Silver Age Of DC Comics

A page from the 1986 Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill ...

A page from the 1986 Alan Moore/Kevin O’Neill story Tygers depicting the fall of the Green Lantern Corps. Elements from the story were incorporated into “Sinestro Corps War”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a DC comic without a superhero and a villain? The comics are structured around characters and their actions. Many comic lovers enjoy reading these stories and picking their favorite superhero during the Silver Age Of DC Comics. These heroes can create a following and the followers will buy the comics that contain their favorite superhero. A great place to buy these comics and learn more about them is Cosmic Comics. They have silver age DC comics for sale in their store and online. You can read their blog for the newest information on comics, events, and even watch for rare items that may be auctioned off.

One of the most famous characters in the DC comics during the Silver Age is the Green Lantern. The original Green Lantern character emerged in the 1940’s as a railroad engineer who found a ring that possessed great power, powered through a lantern. The ring provided power to the one who owned it and had the strength to use it. The first Green Lantern’s ring was magically powered. This was considered the Golden Age of DC Comics and many still collect and read these particular comics.

The next heroes became part the vast array of Silver Age DC Comics for sale. These characters were developed after the original superheroes became less popular after World War II. The Green Lantern was reintroduced as a jet pilot who found a lantern and had it made into a ring powered by alien forces. The heroes became more complex and their powers were based more on alien and intergalactic force. The heroes became part of the space force known as the Green Lantern Corps. These heroes joined forces and became otherwise known as the Green Lanterns. They worked together to fight crime and protect the universe. The Silver Age Green Lantern is the most popular of the characters in the Green Lantern Corps.

Silver Age DC comics for sale can be found at Cosmic Comics! and through their online auctions. Finding these entertaining comics can be a great addition to any DC comic collectors collection.


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