Understanding The Influence Of Silver Age Comics

The Golden Age (comics)

The Golden Age (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What people do to entertain themselves changes over time. Some pastimes, like the reading of comic books, have come and gone a little as society has changed, but many people would probably agree that the influence of silver age comics affects modern entertainment. In the film industry alone are many examples of the enduring popularity of characters and stories derived from comics. To understand the success of modern comics and why Silver Age Marvel comics for sale are still flying off the shelves, knowing a little about their history can be helpful.

Reading comics as a hobby gained in popularity during the early decades of the twentieth century, and many staples in the comic industry find their origin during this period, which is often referred to as the Golden Age of comics. However, after World War II, many comics fell out of favor with the general populace. In the 1950s, new life was breathed into the industry with the revamping of old characters, and comics once again began to rise in popularity. This time period, which lasted until the 1970s, is known as the Silver Age of comics, and the transformation of comics in this period still affects modern publications today, resulting in Silver Age Marvel comics for sale still available.

During the Silver Age of comics, writers and artists began to take what many thought of as a more realistic approach to story lines, allowing their protagonists to deal with prejudice, misunderstandings, and problems like drug use. This was much different from many of the earlier comics, which had been lighter and less serious. Because of their more realistic nature, many the characters and situations became more relatable to everyday people who did not lead perfect lives, and the trend of darker tones and more climatic storytelling continues in many modern comics.

Reading the actual comics themselves is probably the best way to understand the influence of Silver Age comics that took place. Find Silver Age Marvel comics for sale at Cosmic Comics, your best source for Silver Age comics.



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