Batman & Robin #6 Review

Batman & Robin #6 Review

Batman & Robin #6 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Cover Art: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Artists: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: February 8, 2012
Cover Price: $2.99

In this issue, the consequences of Damian’s revolt lead Bruce towards an encounter with Nobody that may cause more than one fatality before the night is through. This issue is somewhat subdued as we finally receive the full back story on Batman & Nobody. As the previous issue revealed, Nobody is none other than Morgan Ducard, the son of the man who trained Bruce in the art of tracking an enemy.

We finally see the betrayal Bruce was hiding from Damian and just how dedicated Morgan is to his father’s “ideals.” One can only assume this encounter helped mold the type of hero Bruce chose to become when he took on the persona of Batman.

The ending of this issue offers events that left me on the edge of my seat; absolutely appalled by what’s occurring and chomping at the bit to see what happens next. I HIGHLY recommend you read this series! So far, the father/son dynamic and their struggle to create a healthy relationship from a sordid past and horrible upbringing to become  a true Batman & Robin duo is both riveting and action packed.

Be sure to swing by Cosmic Comics here in Las Vegas to pick up your copy!

– Natalie

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