Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review

Comedian #1 ReviewBefore Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review


“Before Watchmen” has done a fantastic job showing you the Silk Spectre and Minutemen, but has it prepared you for the Comedian? Which is truly an unfair question to ask since nothing can prepare you for Eddie Blake. But instead of seeing a rage filled psychopath you find a well respected man who’s in a close relationship with the Kennedy family.

Comedian #1 has Eddie remembering the last few days before the assassination of JFK. You see his interactions with the whole Kennedy family, and learn that Jackie may have had more control than most think. He’s given a last minute assignment to take down Moloch the Mystic, some small time drug dealing pimp, with the assistance of the FBI and local authorities. In the course of this bust the Comedian learns of the assassination of the president and how everything isn’t as it appears to be.

Like Minutemen before it, Comedian #1 is a stellar book. Even from only a few interactions with many different characters, you feel as though something just isn’t right. You get an uneasy feeling deep down in your gut. There’s a conversation between Jackie Kennedy and Eddie that just makes you feel uncomfortable, like something’s in the works, and I’m so curious to find out what it is. The fact that Brian Azzarello has captured that feeling is a true testament to how great this story was written. The art by J.G. Jones is fantastic, casting perfect shadows, and making the Comedian look like the ultimate bad ass that he is.


Comedian #1 has continued to keep the “Before Watchmen” books steamrolling along. Head to Cosmic Comics! and pick up this issue or the super rare Jim Lee variants and #getyourfix today!



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