Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, No Really, There Will Be Death.

deadpool kills the marvel universe,marvel comics,review,cosmic comics!Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 Review

Deadpool has been popular as of late, well hell, he’s always been quite popular. Who doesn’t like a wise cracking assassin with regeneration powers? In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1, Deadpool takes his fame one step over the edge, prepare for the slaughter.

The Watcher sees all, and he’s about to see lots of death, including his own. A Dr. Benjamin Brighton has introduced “radical treatments to ease trouble minds” and somehow talked the X-Men into forcing Deadpool to be one of his subjects. Dr. Brighton doesn’t ease minds as much as he makes them obey him. Deadpool isn’t so easily overturned and manages to resist most of Brighton’s mind control…most of it. Let’s just say Deadpool doesn’t kill the whole Fantastic Four under his own will.

“They’re gonna want to see what’s next. They’re gonna want to watch this world burn.” – Deadpool

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is one of those awesome books that make you smile. Maybe I’m sick and twisted, but seeing some of the worlds most powerful heroes being outsmarted and decapitated by a crackin’ wise troublemaker brings a smile to my face. You can see Cullen Bunn can’t wait to show you who he plans to have Deadpool kill next, you can feel it in evey frame. He even allows Deadpool to slyly break the fourth wall when he has a conversation with the watcher, a conversation that involved a cosmic taser (hilarity). Dalibor Talajic does some great artwork, showing Reed Richards passing away was quite an imaginative endeavor. Very few moments in the book feel forced, and Deadpool’s comedy and action mix well together like bananas and peanut butter. Smart people know that’s delicious.

Now let’s not spoil anymore of the surprises, you know you want this book, I know you want this book, head down to Cosmic Comics! and pick up this book. #Getyourfix of death from Deadpool now!


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