Debris #1 Review

debris #1 review

Debris #1 Review

The post-apocalyptic book from Image and Shadowline Productions has taken a tried and true formula and created an unexpected engrossing world in Debris #1. Believe the hype, Debris is a book you wont want to miss.

In Debris #1 there is no life outside the walls of the tribes village. The tribe survives by pumping water from the dry ground and are guarded by a Protector. Maya, the apprentice of the current Protector Calista, are discovering the jormungand, colossal mechanical sand worms, are making their way to the village. Taking one jormungand down is not an easy task, but can be accomplished, defeating them in groups will prove almost impossible. Warriors must be trained, and Maya must be prepared because she may become the Protector sooner than she thinks.

Read the rest of Burke’s review at Debris is a book that will fly off of the shelves at Cosmic Comics!, so rush down there now and #getyourfix!

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