Enter Thanos the Mad Titan!

Thanos the Mad Titan

Avengers Assemble #4 Review

Thanos the Mad TitanIn the final pages of Avengers Assemble #3 the puppet master of the new Zodiac was revealed to be non-other than Thanos the Mad Titan himself. The fourth installment of Avengers Assemble continues the Avengers latest encounter with Thanos. The issue is overall a satisfying read, though some disgruntled fan boys might disagree.

Avengers Assemble #4 continues the supposed in continuity adventures of the Avengers movie team; Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. The first half of issue four opens with a good old fashion Avengers vs. Thanos standoff. Thanos quickly turns the Hulk against his teammates, chaos ensues, and Thanos escapes. The following portion of the book details the Avengers attempt at interrogating John King, a former associate of The Hood and a current lackey of Thanos. After Captain America’s failed attempt at extracting information on the Zodiac and Thanos’ location, Black Widow steps up to the plate. Black Widow’s “interrogation” of Mr. King lasts for a mere one page, which does not contain any dialogue, yet it is quite memorable. Mr. King happily divulges what knowledge he has of Thanos and the Avengers head off, with trepidation, to figure out the next course of action. The final page of the issue treats the reader to brief appearance from the Guardians of the Galaxy where they claim to be able to help with Earth’s Thanos problem.

Much like the previous three issues of Avengers Assemble, issue four provides the reader with an easily accessible and enjoyable read. The story is entertaining for veterans of the Marvel Universe and newcomers with peaked interest from Joss Whedon’s movie. The Avengers are all written well by Brian Michael Bendis, as we have come to expect from the current King of all things Avengers. Mark Bagley’s art is generally pleasing; a few panels do not have the detail typically found in Bagley’s work.

Hulk, Thor, ThanosThe concern that arises from Avengers Assemble #4 is the same that plagued the title from the first issue, continuity. Marvel assured all the true believers that this book is in continuity. However, when Captain America says, “A cosmic threat is beyond us” or the Avengers appear to be meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time, one can see the “in continuity” promise to be untruthful. It certainly seems that Marvel assembled this team in order to sell books to new readers who are riled up from seeing The Avengers movie. This is all the more apparent with the revelation of Thanos in issues three and four, who was revealed to be the mastermind of the events in the Avengers movie, as the primary villain for the Avengers during the first story arc of the title. The more jaded comic book reader will use this as an argument to boycott the book, as can be seen on many blogs all over the internet. Though Marvel should not lie to their fans like Loki trying to steal the throne of Asgard, it is not as big of a deal as many would like to believe. Yes, Marvel launched this book in order to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the Avengers movie. No, it does not appear to be in continuity with the rest of the Marvel Universe. The question then must be asked, does any of that matter? All four issues of Avengers Assemble have been a fun ride at the command of the veteran writer and artist team of Bendis and Bagley. The issues have provided Avengers fans with a villain not often seen in the pages of Marvel comics, a villain many true believers would like to see more often. Finally, the title offers new readers a chance to hop on board the comic book train after seeing The Avengers movie. All in all, the title is a win win for everyone.

Though not a part of the current Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, or any continuity, Avengers Assemble #4 is as entertaining as the previous three issues and appears to be heading in an interesting direction with a loved villain at the helm. Ignore the disgruntled voices and add this title to your monthly pulls.

Mr. Z’s Verdict

Story: 8/10

Art: 7.5/10

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