Play Mate of the Apes Review

black kiss 2,image comics,review,nerd farm blogBlack Kiss 2 #1 is brand spanking new this week, spanking possibly being used in a more inappropriate manner, with another erotic, yet not so artsy Play-Mate of the Apes. Because I, and the owners of Cosmic Comics! like to keep the reviews to a PG-13 rated type standard, the Black Kiss 2 review in it’s entirety can be found over at It’s explorations into erotic fetishes and the abundance of human anatomy being smooshed into each other was deemed unsuitable for the 13 year old’s who are already searching this stuff out on the internet as we speak anyways. We do not condone this! Lucky for you though I will bring you the much more cheesy and softcore title, Play-Mate of the Apes.

Play Mate of the Apes Review

The Seduction Cinema Comic Group, a branch of the Seduction/Alternative Cinema production company have released their first comic book, Play-Mate of the Apes. For those not familiar with Alternative Cinema, they’re the publisher who brings you the fantasticly horrible softcore parody films you see on late night Showtime like, SpiderBabe, Batbabe the Dark Nightie, and Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String. Don’t act like you’ve never seen these films, if you’re reading this post, I know for a fact you’ve been up at night, alone, with the glow of the television on your face…and I’ll stop at that point.Play Mate of the Apes Review

In Play-Mate of the Apes, an all female crew of sexy ass-tronauts, Lt. Fornication, Lt. Pushkintucushkin and Commander Gaylor crash land on a planet inhabited by intelligent apes. This of course only happens because of an accidental push of the “Do Not Push” button during…coutus. The apes don’t believe the crew to be intelligent beings and force them into slave labor, slave labor being dancing in a strip club. I cannot make this up. The crew befriends the Dr. Cornholeus who tries to prove to the ape commander General Lade that the girls are in fact intelligent beings because they can dance to a beat. The crew escapes, rallies the other humans to revolt, and attack the apes in a bloody battle involving dance offs, lesbian make out breaks, and karate chops. The battle is not won but brought to a halt by who I can only assume is Ron Jeremy landing in a disco ball spaceship claiming to be the missing link, him being half man/half ape. Commander Gaylor does eventually leave the planet, but not before saying goodbye to the Scarecrow first. They do not make out.

Play-Mate of the Apes isn’t overly hilarious, but it is a fun read. There’s plenty of tongue-in-cheek moments involving puns and frequent appearances by Magilla Gorilla, who I think is an intergalactic space pimp. There’s an ever abundance amount of boobies, an always appealing formula to a good book, and has plenty of random DAFUQ moments that I love so much. The book doesn’t take itself seriously at all and if you want, you can read the book while you watch it’s live action predecessor on the DVD it comes with. Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned it comes with the Play-Mate of the Apes movie. They match up surprisingly well.

When I picked up the book from Cosmic Comics! they were fresh out of Play-Mate of the Apes, but Bryan assured me they should have no problems ordering more should you feel so inclined to pick up this gem. Which really, why would you not. Boobs? Check. Talking monkeys? Check. Disco Ball spaceship? Check. Collectors Edition? Check. The list goes on…


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