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Matthew Vasquez aka BULLDOG
Marketing Maestro

Bulldog comes from a long line of Trekkies so it is no surprise that science fiction has always been a part of his life. He was introduced to comic books by an uncle of his who loved Thor and Thanos and that same uncle’s original silver age comic book collection of Fantastic Fours is what started off Bulldog’s comic book collection (what a lucky kid to start his collection with silver age comics).

After a few years though, Bulldog began to drift away from comics (happens to the best of us… he probably got a girlfriend) until about seven years ago when a good friend of his introduced him to the coolest comic book shop in Las Vegas: Cosmic Comics! and he’s been reading 20 to 30 comics a week ever since. He’s a big fan of the anti-hero, from Batman to Punisher, so if you ever wanna wax poetic about The Dark Knight, swing by the shop and keep him from working… better yet, contact him sometime via one of the links below.

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