Avengers vs X-Men HeroClix Tournament Schedule

Avengers vs X-Men Heats Up This Winter! The Avengers vs X-Men Heroclix tournament series brings the Popular AvX comic story line to Cosmic Comics! Each player must choose sides and develop their team of either Avengers or X-Men over the four months of the series. Not only will you develop your own Avengers vs X-Men […]

All New X-Men. A Worthy Follow-up to AvX.

All New X-Men #1 Review Marvel NOW! is almost in full swing and the All New X-Men has hit store shelves this week. What effects has the Phoenix force had on mutant kind, better yet, what effect did it have on the human race? When the Phoenix force was dispersed, it’s powers didn’t just disappear, […]

A+X. Marvel’s Newest Team-Up!

A+X #1 Review The Avengers vs X-Men story arc is officially over, the AvX Consequences book is mediocre and Marvel NOW! is almost in full swing. So what is A+X about? Can the two teams suddenly forget what just happened? Shake hands, hug, and then have cake? Marvel says yes. A+X is in a universe […]

Uncanny Avengers. Life From Death.

Uncanny Avengers #1 Review Marvel NOW! starts…now, with Uncanny Avengers among other well known titles getting a few polishing touches. Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men) join forces as they attempt to assemble two powerhouse teams  into one cohesive unit. The Phoenix force has been dealt with for now, Scott Summers is […]

Avengers vs X-Men Round 11 Will Blow Your Mind!

Avengers vs X-Men Round 11 Review **Kind of Spoiler free. You’ve been warned** Marvel has done a fantastic job making every issue ofAvengers vs X-Men gripping and nail biting excitement. I use the word excitement, others would use stressful. No matter what way you look at it, Avengers vs X-Men is one of the strongest series in the […]

AvX Round 10, No One Is Safe.

AvX Round 10 Avengers vs X-Men #10 Review AvX Round 10! The Avengers vs X-Men series is soon sadly coming to end, it won’t happen in round 10, but every move from each faction, like the game of chess, feels more methodical than ever, with life or death consequences. The Phoenix force has left 3 of deceased Phoenix […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #7 Review. Can Hawkeye “Die” Again?

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #7 Review The Avengers may not be in as much trouble as they once believed. Scott Summers seems to be unbelievably merciful even after his “No more Avengers” quote of last issue. Others of the Phoenix Five aren’t so forgiving, and a small fission is beginning to appear among the rank and […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #6 Review. “No More Avengers”

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #6 Review When the powerful blast from Stark’s secret weapon hit the Phoenix in Round 5, instead of destroying the Phoenix as planned, it fragmented the entity inside of five X-Men. Now Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, and Namor are an even more powerful foe, calling themselves the Phoenix Five. But strangely […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #5 Review. Can Hope Contain the Phoenix?

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #5 Review The Avengers vs X-Men series is officially in full stride. Both teams tactics have proven successors and unsuccessful in many areas. Their battles have taken place over parts of Earth, different dimentions, and then landed on the Moon. Here is where the Avengers planned to make their stop, the place they would claim […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #3 Review. Are You Seeing This!?!

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #3 Review OMG OMG OMG!!! The Avengers getting outsmarted by Cyclops and leaving Doctor Strange looking like Doctor Confused! Captain America and Wolverine going toe to toe and ending with Wolverine skydiving without a parachute over what looks like the Arctic Tundra! This series keeps getting more and more amazing! Can I […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #2 Review. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #2 Review I’m going to call this issue “Phoenix Rising” without giving away too many spoilers, I want to just speak up now and say, “You should be reading this series!” On the first few pages you see the teams numbers are a little more even now with Avengers sporting 16 […]