Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release Event at Cosmic Comics

Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release Event Cosmic Comics will be hosting a Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release event on Saturday, January 30th at Noon.  Players will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest set before the official release! The DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest set features heroes […]

The Dark Knight Rises in 70mm IMAX for Batman Day

The Dark Knight Rises in 70mm IMAX for Batman Day Win Tickets This Weekend to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX for Batman Day Starting today you could win a ticket for you and a friend to the special screening of The Dark Knight Rises in 70mm IMAX for Batman Day. If you did not […]

Batman Day July 23rd

Wednesday July 23rd is Batman Day Join us All Day July 23rd for Batman Day! We will have a Sale, Free Batman Related items, and Prizes. Everyone will get a free Batman Comic Book and Batman Mask! There will also be a Batman Themed Cake for the Caped Crusaders 75th Birthday! The Dark Knight Sale […]

DC Comics Bombshell Covers

DC Comics Bombshell Covers Variants From USAToday: DC Comics covers are going to look a lot more retro this summer. The publisher is pulling from its DC Collectibles Bombshells statue line inspired by pinups and fashion of the 1940s and ’50s for a series of variant covers in June. Like the statues, they will be […]

Batman Eternal #1. Gordon Fought the Law.

Batman Eternal #1 review DC Comics isn’t finished promoting their “New 52” books, as much as some people may tire of it, they are still finding ways to creatively sneak it into existence. Their newest adventure? Batman Eternal #1. Not only is Batman Eternal #1 in fact a New 52 title, it’s being released as […]

Superman and The Legion of Super Heroes HeroClix Midnight Release

Cosmic After Hours Presents: Be the first to get your Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Heroclix. Get ready for the Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Midnight release on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 starting 11:30pm until 4am. Stop by Cosmic Comics! for a Special 20% off Buy The Brick Sale only at the midnight release […]

Cosmic Comics! Holiday Traditions: Christmas Pajamas

The Pajama Elves made a stop by Cosmic Comics, with three new super DC inspired ladies pajama sets!  Start your Christmas Pajamas Shopping today! Every year on Christmas Eve, my mother has, without fail, presented me with a special pair of Christmas Pajamas.  The first time I remember receiving a pair, I was maybe four […]

Damian Son of Meh.

Damian Son of Batman #1 of 4 Review It was inevitable, the death that shocked the DC universe couldn’t last longer than half a year. All be it this is a mini series, set in whatever timeline it wants to be in, the fact that DC couldn’t help themselves from cashing in on Damian’s death […]

The New Classic Batman ’66

Batman ’66 #1 Review ‘ Mirth From Above’ The newest classic series for Batman could be one of my favorite newest series from DC Comics yet. Possibly because I’m a big fan of the classic Batman TV show, yes the same one this book is inspired by. In Batman ’66 #1 the Batman and his […]

Batman/Superman in Crossworld

Batman/Superman #1 Review “Crossworld” Wow, two good Superman books this month? Hot on the heals of Superman Unchained, another Superman book lands, this time with everyone’s favorite bat character. DC must really be tired of tossing out small books that no one wants to read and throwing in the heavy hitters that everyone cares about. This […]

The Most Popular Silver Age Marvel Comic Books For Sale Of The Era

Anyone who has done research into Silver Age Marvel comic books for sale quickly realizes that the Marvel line of comics during that period were the most popular among comic book readers. The Silver Age came after a decline of superhero comics following the end of the Second World War. It started within the framework […]

Li’l Villains in Li’l Gotham #1 Review

Batman Li’l Gotham #1 Review In Batman Li’l Gotham, Batman and Damian (yes, he lives in this universe) protect Gotham against waves of kids on Halloween night. The pint sized villains of Gotham are more interested in the tricks than treats. The comic book industry isn’t lacking “younger” books, but I think they’re lacking quality […]