The Walking Dead 115 Midnight Release Party in Las Vegas

(Update: If you missed the midnight release we still have covers left and The Walking Dead #1 10Year Anniversary Edition. Sorry the specials have ended) The Walking Dead celebrates 10 years on October 9th with the 115th issue. Cosmic Comics will have a special after hours party 10 p.m. Tuesday October 8th to celebrate this […]

The Walking Dead #100 In Stock, Including The Chromium Cover!

The Walking Dead #100 In Stock The Walking Dead #100 in stock at Cosmic Comics! We still have 1st prints of all nine covers for The Walking Dead #100 in stock, including the hard to find chromium wrap-a-round cover!  We had originally sold out of the issue #100 Chromium cover in the first ten minutes of our midnight release […]

What We’re Reading 7-11-12

New Comics and Stuff for July 11,2012 This week is all about the release of The Walking Dead #100. We are having a Special Midnight Release for it. There are a total of 8 covers from giant names like Frank Quitley, Todd Mcfalane and Bryan Hitch to name a few. 100 issues is a milestone […]

The Dead Will Rise Tuesday July 10th at Midnight with the release of Walking Dead #100

Walking Dead #100 Midnight Release Party Cosmic Comics! will be re-opening at 11pm on Tuesday July 10th for a midnight release of Walking Dead #100! This landmark issue features 8 different regular covers by Charlie Adlard, Marc Silvestri, Frank Quitely, Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Bryan Hitch, Ryan Ottley and an Adlard wrap-a-round cover.  The wrap […]