Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1 Review

“Before Watchmen” Ozymandias #1 Review “I met a traveler…!” Like many of the previous Before Watchmen titles, Ozymandias #1 has Adrien Veidt  recollecting the construction and destruction of his life before he undertakes his “great mission”, which I will keep a secret if you haven’t read the original Watchmen book. Ozymandias was born brilliant, inherited […]

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review “Smile” “Before Watchmen” has done a fantastic job showing you the Silk Spectre and Minutemen, but has it prepared you for the Comedian? Which is truly an unfair question to ask since nothing can prepare you for Eddie Blake. But instead of seeing a rage filled psychopath you find a […]

Before Watchmen Announcement

Before Watchmen Announcement According to the latest issue of the New Frontiersman it is Judgment Day. DC Comics is pulling out all the stops to engage the fans of the best selling comic book of all time WATCHMEN written by Alan Moore almost 30 years ago and the Watchmen Movie directed by Sack Snyder of 300 fame. […]