Nerd Girl’s Guide to Manga for the American Comic Reader

In the back room of the shop today, I came across a magazine highlighting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund‘s new library guide for understanding manga.  Specifically, the title is CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices.  The cover of the magazine has a wonderful full-color piece of CLAMP art from the lauded series […]

Larime Taylor Fascinates with A Voice in the Dark Issue1

Disable writer, artist and A Voice in the Dark Issue 1 creator Larime Taylor does some very nice work. Psychological thrillers are definitely a thing I love.  I love wondering if what I think is happening is actually part of reality, or just in the imagination.  Larime Taylor poses an age old question: Are you […]

Did Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast Soar Under Your Radar?

Fashion Beast #1 Review This week Alan Moore released his newest book, Fashion Beast. For fear of being eaten alive by all the fanboys that think Alan Moore can do no wrong, I’m going to choose my words carefully. Fashion Beast starts with the reading of tarot cards, death flipped from the deck  begins the […]

AvX Round 10, No One Is Safe.

AvX Round 10 Avengers vs X-Men #10 Review AvX Round 10! The Avengers vs X-Men series is soon sadly coming to end, it won’t happen in round 10, but every move from each faction, like the game of chess, feels more methodical than ever, with life or death consequences. The Phoenix force has left 3 of deceased Phoenix […]

Rorschach #1 Review Damn Town

Rorschach #1 Review “Damn Town” Being the last “hero” [Dr. Manhattan comes out Aug. 22] to get his own book for “Before Watchmen”, Rorschach brings his own set of justice in style. Expect brutal beatings and twisted villains. In Rorschach #1, Rorschach poetically displays his disdain for his city and the foul scum that walk […]

Once a Thief…Gambit #1 Review

Gambit #1 Review “Once a Thief…” Marvel lets loose another main book for a minor character of a strong, super powered group. Gambit now has his own book following the extremely strong showing of Hawkeye last week. In Gambit #1, your favorite cajun Remy LeBeau has a little business to attend to, business that has […]

Archer & Armstrong #1 Review

Archer & Armstrong #1 Review Another new book from Valiant, Archer & Armstrong hopes to grab your attention with tongue in cheek jabs at American culture, ancient history, and religious fanatics. A&A is written by Fred Van Lente, known mostly by me for his works on the Marvel Zombies one shots, and is drawn by […]

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #9 Review

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #9 Review Easily the most exciting and stress driven Marvel comic on the market right now, the Avengers vs X-Men series has taken each hero, including the more powerful Phoenix Five, to their breaking point. One team member of the Phoenix Five, Namor, in attempts to single-handedly  destroy Wakanda and the Avengers in refuge […]

Play Mate of the Apes Review

Black Kiss 2 #1 is brand spanking new this week, spanking possibly being used in a more inappropriate manner, with another erotic, yet not so artsy Play-Mate of the Apes. Because I, and the owners of Cosmic Comics! like to keep the reviews to a PG-13 rated type standard, the Black Kiss 2 review in […]

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, No Really, There Will Be Death.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 Review Deadpool has been popular as of late, well hell, he’s always been quite popular. Who doesn’t like a wise cracking assassin with regeneration powers? In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1, Deadpool takes his fame one step over the edge, prepare for the slaughter. The Watcher sees all, and […]

Debris #1 Review

Debris #1 Review The post-apocalyptic book from Image and Shadowline Productions has taken a tried and true formula and created an unexpected engrossing world in Debris #1. Believe the hype, Debris is a book you wont want to miss. In Debris #1 there is no life outside the walls of the tribes village. The tribe survives by pumping water from the dry […]

Wonderland #1 Review Comes With Baggage

Wonderland #1 Review “The following story takes place after the events of The Dream Easter Saga #4 and Wonderland 2012 Annual” Take note of that first quote. I personally have never read any of the Wonderland works from Zenescope, of course the perky, scantly clad women on every cover always catch my eye and are […]