September 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

September 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 9/6 (8pm): Cosmic After Hours Presents: Keep What You Kill Entry Fee: Buy-in = $5 Re-buy = $5 Bulid Totals: Players = 400pt Teams Judges = 1500pts of figures Setup: 4 player multiplayer game on a 3×3 map. Each player will begin in a starting area. The judge’s force will […]

August 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

August 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 8/2: Guardians of the Galaxy Block 700pts You can only use figures & game elements from the following sets: GotG Movie Galatic Guardians Infinity Gauntlet OP Series (No Resource) Supernova Star Trek Tactics 8/9: Break the Rules: Relics Break the Rules: You can play multiple Relics 400pt Modern Age Extended Silver […]

July 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

July 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 7/5: Retirement Party 1000pts You can only use figures & game elements from sets being retired: WizKids Retirement Announcement Min 4 figures on your force You may run two Infinity Gauntlet Resoruces on your force (1 up to full, 1 max 2 gems) You may run Special Objects AND Resources […]

June 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

June 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 6/7: Clix 101: Maps 400pt Modern Age Extended You must play on a different map each round. Only maps from Starter or Fast Forces packs & Grid Reality maps are legal for this event. 6/14: 500pt Block You can only use figures & game elements from the following sets: DoFP, […]

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 5/3: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 5/10: Break the Rules: Primes Break the Rules: Your team may include more than one Prime figure 600pt Modern Age No Tactics. Theme Teams allowed Your team must include at least one Prime figure The following figures are not allowed for this tournament: Brother Voodoo, Alyosha […]

April 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

April 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 4/5: Battle for the Power Plant TWO Power Plants with Disintegration Beam Rings will be handed out! 400pt Modern Age No Resources No Duo Figures The most expensive figure on your force has to be named Iron Man or Real Name Tony Stark Only one Iron Man/Tony Stark character is allowed per […]

March 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

March 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 3/1: ComicsPro No Tournament Scheduled 3/8: AvX Month 3 600pt Modern Age Marvel Universe game elements only Returning players keep the same declared keyword New players declare if you are fighting for Avengers or X-Men Min 300pts of your team has to have the declared keyword The most expensive figure […]

February 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

February 2014 Heroclix Tournament Schedule 2/1: LvLUP Expo No Tournament Scheduled 2/8: Fresno ROC Super Q Feeder 300pt Modern Age No Tactics Themed Team mechanics allowed NOTE: The House Highlander Rule is off for this tournament. NOTE: There are house rulings for Silver Centurion. See the event thread in the ROC forums for full details. […]

Cosmic Comics! Says:Thank You for a Record Breaking Black Friday

Thanks to you guys, we had a record-breaking attendance Black Friday at Cosmic Comics! Showing up to any retailer before six a.m. makes you a trooper.  Showing up to a comic shop before six a.m. makes you a certified Bad Ass Mouther !, so shout-out to the seventy-five or so of you who waited in […]

Nerd Girl’s Guide to Manga for the American Comic Reader

In the back room of the shop today, I came across a magazine highlighting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund‘s new library guide for understanding manga.  Specifically, the title is CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices.  The cover of the magazine has a wonderful full-color piece of CLAMP art from the lauded series […]

Cosmic Comics! Holiday Traditions: Christmas Pajamas

The Pajama Elves made a stop by Cosmic Comics, with three new super DC inspired ladies pajama sets!  Start your Christmas Pajamas Shopping today! Every year on Christmas Eve, my mother has, without fail, presented me with a special pair of Christmas Pajamas.  The first time I remember receiving a pair, I was maybe four […]

Larime Taylor Fascinates with A Voice in the Dark Issue1

Disable writer, artist and A Voice in the Dark Issue 1 creator Larime Taylor does some very nice work. Psychological thrillers are definitely a thing I love.  I love wondering if what I think is happening is actually part of reality, or just in the imagination.  Larime Taylor poses an age old question: Are you […]