Dual Review: Black Hammer #1 and Captain Kid #1

Dueling Review If you caught the little nuance between the link and the actual post title you’ll see how I cleverly disguised the nature of this review, it’s both a review of Dark Horse’s Black Hammer #1 and the freshman Aftershock’s Captain Kid #1 while also having them clash in some epic battle of indie […]

The Paybacks #1. Final Notice.

The Paybacks #1 review *Doing your best commercial/infomercial voice* SUPERHEROES! Do you have an unquenchable desire to do good? Do you have super powers that are going to waste? Are you wasting your life away at a dead end job because you just don’t have the financial means to fight crime? Well look no further, […]

Let’s Talk About Fight Club 2

Fight Club 2 review The first rule of Fight Club 2 is: We talk about Fight Club 2. Second rule of Fight Club 2: We talk about Fight Club 2. I wondered  a few times how many other authors wrote that same beginning to their Fight Club 2 review. I’d assume many but I’m too […]

Harrow County #1. Witches Debt.

Harrow County #1 review There are many types of horror, each depicted in many different ways. I can use movies for the best examples since they’re typically more prevalent in pop culture than comic books, and because I can’t really think of any other than Tales from the Crypt and even that one was featured […]

Veil #1. Spitting telepathic rhymes.

Veil #1 Review Veil #1 from Dark Horse Comics is coming to you from the wonderful writer Greg Rucka (classic Batwoman fame) and artist Toni Fejzula. Veil is an unusual story, with Veil #1 actually leaving more questions than answers. An unnamed woman wakes up in some rat infested subway, rhymes her way to the […]

Straczynski brings the Final Battle in Terminator Salvation mini-series.

Terminator is a beloved franchise of mine, I’m a fan of the first two original films, and the Christian Bale movie of this books same name was also pretty good (that’s Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle for those that don’t know the name of this newest Terminator book from Dark Horse), so I expect anything […]

X #1 Review

X #1 Review “Fight or Flight” Who is X? Is he good? Is he bad? Is he even sane? These are the questions freelance journalist Leigh Ferguson is trying to answer, and now she’ll have her chance after the masked vigilante is dropped right into her lap. Dark Horse Comics has brought back the merciless […]

Star Wars Postcards From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Postcards Star Wars Postcards are here. We just added these great Star Wars comic postcards to our postcard spinner rack and they’re only one dollar each!  What better way to say hi from a galaxy far, far away. Covers of classic Star Wars comics from Dark Horse Comics and Marvel Comics.  Darth Vader, […]

Ghost #1 Review. Ghost Without Swayze.

Ghost #1 Review “In the Smoke and Din” Let the hate mail ring in I guess, I hope it’s not too soon to include the late Patrick Swayze to hook in some readers about Dark Horse’s new Ghost comic. A comic book which indeed has nothing to do with the 1990 tear jerking love story. […]

Touched By The Victories…Wait, That’s Not Right. (A Victories Review)

The Victories Review (Issue 1) “Touched” The Victories is a six part mini series written and penciled by Michael Avon Oeming. You may recognize Avon Oeming’s art style from the book Powers, well, since he draws that one too. The Victories are a group of super heroes fighting crime in a city much like Gotham, […]

Fatima #1 Review

Fatima #1 Review “The Blood Spinners” Written and drawn by Las Vegas local Gilbert Hernandez, Fatima #1 is a new book aching to be an underground hit. It has a bad ass heroine, drugs, guns, and the all important zombies. Fatima is an operative for an organization in charge of controlling a contagion caused by […]

What We’re Reading!

Before Watchmen: Minutemen was a joy to read and Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre is sure to stand out this week! Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre also has a Jim Lee 1 in 200 Variant so keep your eyes peeled for that. Tickets for The Dark Knight Rises went on sale this week starting the Dark Knight […]