Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!

This Saturday, May 5th, Cosmic Comics! will be part of an international effort to bring focus on reading and Comic Books. Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) has been growing in size for 11 years. This year will be the biggest yet with 2 of the largest comic book based films to be released, The Avengers […]

Free Comic Book Day Comics

Here are some of the free comic books Cosmic Comics! will be giving away for Free Comic Book Day! You can read the Nerd Farm review of Archie Comics’ Mega Man: Let The Games Begin & Sonic The Hedgehog: Two Steps Back (Special Edition) here and Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars / Serenity Flip Book here. Keep coming back to #getyourfix […]

Good Reads for Free Comic Book Day

  Free Comic Book Day is only 3 weeks away and here’s a few more books you can look forward to getting, for **FREE**!  Well they’re really only one book, but you get 2 in 1, read one, flip it over, viola! another book and these two are super close to my heart.  Many of […]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 is Here!

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 Battle for the Gardener The Infinity Gauntlet Series – Month 4 Saturday, April 21st from Noon to 5pm Here are all the details you need to Build Your Team Marvel vs DC 500pt Silver Age Players must build a team that is composed of all Marvel figures or all DC figures Figures […]

Winners of the Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament

Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament Results Playing at Cosmic Comics Paid Off! The top ranked players from the Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament not only got to win awesome Limited Edition Heroclix but are also entered to win Avengers #1 for Septemper 1963!!! Every Player got to walk out with one of these Limited Edition Figures, Object, […]

An MTV Exclusive Clip from Marvel’s The Avengers!

MTV just posted this exclusive clip: Head Count, from Marvel’s The Avengers, where “Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) do the math on their impending showdown.” Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog   What did you think? I don’t know about you, but we sure can’t wait to see this one! Marvel’s […]

Free Comic Book Day 2012 is coming!

Cosmic Comics is proud to be part of this international event to increase literacy and comic book interest across the globe. Free Comic Book Day is the single largest day for comic books all year. Cosmic Comics will be giving away thousands of comic books in a matter of a few hours. Being the Largest […]

It’s Free Comic Book Day, not Nudy Magazine Day.

It’s an event that only comes once a year. A day that brings smiles to everyone’s face and a day that is guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to the most sorrowful of souls. That’s right, it’s Free Comic Book Day!!! This year it’s happening on May 5th and Cosmic Comics is there with all […]

Galactic Guardians Release Tournament – Behold the Eater of Worlds!

Marvel Heroclix Galactic Guardians Release Tournament! Marvel Heroclix Galactic Guardians is the newest set from WizKids. This massive set contains over 45 figures, 6 of which are so massive they must be sold in Super Booster! Galactic Guardians was designed to change the Heroclix gaming experience and to make every fanboy want his very own […]