Cosmic Comics Board Game Day

Cosmic Comics Board Game Day: An Afternoon of Casual Games On Sunday, March 29th from noon to 4pm, Cosmic Comics is going to host an afternoon of casual board and card games.  Cosmic Comics Board Game Day is a follow-up to MeepleCon 2015, which the store will be attending to help support the local board […]

Heroclix Chaos Wars Midnight Release!

12am on July 11th Heroclix Chaos Wars Go On Sale!   This will be your first chance to get your new Heroclix and try to collect all 52 of the new figures! Chaos War Midnight Release Party same night as The Walking Dead 100 Midnight Release!Tuesday, July 10th – Wednesday, July 11th Marvel Heroclix Chaos War […]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 6

Infinity Gauntlet Month 6 The Collector and The Reality Gem On June 23rd at Noon Heroclix Player will battle it out for a Limited Edition The Collector Heroclix! Every Player that comes and plays in this month’s tournament will receive the Reality Gem for their Infinity Gauntlet Dial as a participation prize.  Join our Facebook […]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 Results

The Results are in for The Infinity Gauntlet Month 4: Battle for the Gardener! This past Saturday, April 21st Cosmic Comics! had our fourth tournament of The Infinity Gauntlet series. We had nearly 20 players come to the shop and compete in this month’s HeroClix tournament to win prizes and raffle tickets for our Avengers #1 Giveaway on […]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 is Here!

Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 Battle for the Gardener The Infinity Gauntlet Series – Month 4 Saturday, April 21st from Noon to 5pm Here are all the details you need to Build Your Team Marvel vs DC 500pt Silver Age Players must build a team that is composed of all Marvel figures or all DC figures Figures […]

Winners of the Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament

Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament Results Playing at Cosmic Comics Paid Off! The top ranked players from the Galactic Guardians Heroclix Tournament not only got to win awesome Limited Edition Heroclix but are also entered to win Avengers #1 for Septemper 1963!!! Every Player got to walk out with one of these Limited Edition Figures, Object, […]

Galactic Guardians Heroclix is Here!

Galactic Guardians Heroclix On-sale Today! The newest series of Heroclix are here, finally after two push backs. This new Galactic Guardians Heroclix series includes five Colossal Figures to be found randomly in a Super Booster. These new figures are extremely powerful and collectable. There are over 45 figures to be found in Booster Packs, Super Boosters, […]

Galactic Guardians Release Tournament – Behold the Eater of Worlds!

Marvel Heroclix Galactic Guardians Release Tournament! Marvel Heroclix Galactic Guardians is the newest set from WizKids. This massive set contains over 45 figures, 6 of which are so massive they must be sold in Super Booster! Galactic Guardians was designed to change the Heroclix gaming experience and to make every fanboy want his very own […]