The New Shadowman from Valiant.

Shadowman #1 Review The revamped Valiant Comics is still pumping out their rebooted/refreshed books from the 1990’s and this month they’ve thrown Shadowman in the mix. For reasons I don’t understand, this book takes place in the mystical lands of New Orleans, the main problem probably being that I’ve never been there. Voodoo and witchcraft […]

Archer & Armstrong #1 Review

Archer & Armstrong #1 Review Another new book from Valiant, Archer & Armstrong hopes to grab your attention with tongue in cheek jabs at American culture, ancient history, and religious fanatics. A&A is written by Fred Van Lente, known mostly by me for his works on the Marvel Zombies one shots, and is drawn by […]

Harbinger #1 Review. The Return of Valiant.

Harbinger #1 Review “Omega Rising: Part 1” Harbinger #1 is another title that hit store shelves this month from the newly revived Valiant comic book publisher. Harbinger focuses on a young man by the name of Peter Stancher who’s having trouble “finding” himself and dealing with certain exceptional powers that are barely containable inside of […]

New Comics!

Before Watchmen, The Walking Dead, AvX, & more!   Before Watchmen is here! Whatever your feelings are on DC Comics adding to the Watchmen story line, trust us when we say that you’ll want to read these new stories. Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1, written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke (who did an awesome run on The Spirit) is the […]