Ant-Man #1. Slackers can be heroes too.

Ant-Man #1 review So here's the thing, the internet is cruel beast sometimes, how is this your problem, you ask? We'll answer that when you're trying to escape Skynet in 2029, but for the time being, my initial review for Ant-Man #1 was completely deleted when the site crashed last night, sooooo... you now get the abridged version. Could be a win either way I guess. Ant-Man … [Read more...]

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0. Fun Size.

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0 review Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0: because every murder investigation deserves this dream team of antiheroes. Like a sitcom mixed with cop drama, Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0 delivers the dark with the funny. I don't know what anyone else would really expect from this bunch, the cover essentially spells it out for you. I'll be the first to tell you I like … [Read more...]

It Hates Humanity…And It Has Returned

Age of Ultron Review "Book One" The Age of Ultron mini-series from Marvel and the mind of Brian Michael Bendis is a hype machine, pumping out some of the most gripping previews I've seen in a while. I'll admit that I was impatiently waiting for this series, and attempting to come into the series with an unbiased opinion. Thankfully, the book backs up the hype. Oh, and … [Read more...]

Marvel NOW!’s FF #1 is Not a New Fantastic Four…Technically

FF #1 Review "Parts of a Hole" Contrary to my popular belief, FF is not a new Fantastic Four from Marvel NOW!. It's in fact Reed's school for brilliant minds called the Future Foundation, not to be confused with Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. If you read the latest Fantastic Four #1, you'd know that Reed is falling apart from carcinomic growth, and if I wasn't lazy … [Read more...]

What We’re Reading

New Comics for September 5th, 2012 What we're reading: where the Cosmic Crew talks about a few of the books they look forward to reading this week! One Year Later - the New 52 September is Zero Month for DC Comics. Zero month being a celebration of the New 52 and a way to boost sales 1 year later. DC states the #0 issues as special origins and stories revealed, but with #0 … [Read more...]