Heroclix Chaos Wars Midnight Release!

12am on July 11th Heroclix Chaos Wars Go On Sale!   This will be your first chance to get your new Heroclix and try to collect all 52 of the new figures! Chaos War Midnight Release Party same night as The Walking Dead 100 Midnight Release!Tuesday, July 10th – Wednesday, July 11th Marvel Heroclix Chaos War […]

Infinity Gauntlet Month 6

Infinity Gauntlet Month 6 The Collector and The Reality Gem On June 23rd at Noon Heroclix Player will battle it out for a Limited Edition The Collector Heroclix! Every Player that comes and plays in this month’s tournament will receive the Reality Gem for their Infinity Gauntlet Dial as a participation prize.  Join our Facebook […]

HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet Month 5 Results

Infinity Gauntlet Month 5 Results On Saturday, May 12th, 2012 the shop had its monthly Infinity Gauntlet HeroClix Tournament. Here are the results of the tournament. Round 1: Aaron vs. Austin Winner: Austin Dustin vs. Carl Winner: Dustin Pasky vs. Tim Winner: Tim Freddie vs. Nate Winner: Freddie Ed vs. Lupe Winner: Lupe Round 2: Austin vs. […]