Roland Recommends Reading JLA Salvation Run

JLA Salvation Run is Recommended by Roland Title: JLA Salvation Run Writer: Bill Willingham and Matthew Surges Artist: Sean Chen Publisher: DC Comics Issue #: 1-7 TPB Volume #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Mini-Series   What is this book about? Amanda Waller rounds up (read kidnaps) all the villains of the DCU and Boom Tubes them to […]

Superheroes Missing From Forever Evil

Forever Evil #1 What is evil? What is ultimately good? Can there be absolute evil without good? These were all questions that ran through my head as I read through the pages of DC Comics new Forever Evil book from Geoff Johns. Divulging too much into the stories plot would reveal huge spoilers, so just […]

The History Of Silver Age Comic Books

History Of Silver Age Comic Books When you are browsing the racks at your local comic book store and happen upon Silver Age comic books for sale, you may wonder just what it is that makes them ‘silver’. The term ‘Silver Age’ refers to a general time period in which the comic books were originally […]

Comical Satires Within Your Favorite Silver Age DC Comics for Sale

Throughout the life of comics, there have been series that encompass certain characters, teams, and villains. This is what makes people collect comics. They can follow their favorite characters as they fight crime or be the crime makers. Some characters have been around for many years and collectors search the globe to find an entire […]

The Super Stars Of Silver Age DC Comics

Super Stars Of Silver Age DC Comics Are you a comic book fan? Do you collect comics, or know someone who does? If so, you may be on the lookout for some Silver Age DC comic books for sale. The Silver Age of comic books was a revolutionary time for the American comic book industry. […]

Why Your Collection Needs Silver Age DC Comics

Are you a comic book collector? You may be an experienced collector with a lot of valuable items. Or perhaps you are a novice collector and you are just beginning to develop your collection of comic books. In either case, you may be looking for some Silver Age DC comic books for sale. The Silver […]

What We’re Reading

New Comics for August 29th, 2012 What we’re reading: where the Cosmic Crew talks about a few of the books they’re looking forward to reading this week! Before Watchmen Wrap Up The next chapter of Before Watchmen: Minutemen is released this week with Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3. We have already talked about how well written the Minutemen […]

Get To Know The Fantastic Four With Silver Age Marvel Comic Books

Almost everyone who is familiar with Silver Age Marvel comic books is familiar with the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Human Torch, and the Thing, have become indelible fixtures of pop culture since the 1960’s. The Fantastic Four was actually created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby after the success of another […]

New Comics

Marvel is still riding high from the Avengers film. This week comes another episode in the Avengers vs X-Men story line. An epic battle between a God and a force of nature. Does Thor have the power to turn back the Phoenix before it comes to earth? See what the rest of the Avengers and […]

Its New Comic Day!!!!

Whats new for April 25th, 2012 So you might have heard we are giving away Avengers movie advance screening passes. Things are crazy right now (in a good way) and its new comic day.   This week Geoff Johns continues an awesome run on Aquaman. With issue 8 we find Arthur, the man from Atlantis, […]

New Comic Day!

What’s New This Week at Cosmic Comics! This week we see the continuation of the Avengers vs X-Men story line in both the main title with 4 covers and in Avengers #25. Garth Ennis breaths new life into an old character in Dynamite’s new title. “The Shadow” will see the return of the 1930s “Super […]