Jolly Jim Featured on The Comixverse

Yesterday on, an interview with the Godfather of Cosmic Comics!, Jim, was featured in their Local Comic Shop Spotlights by Eddie Z and was asked questions ranging from what got him into opening his own shop, his thoughts on digital comics, and how he feels about the recent surge in the popularity of comic […]

Meet Jim

JIM BROCIUS Founder & Co-Owner Jolly Jim Brocius began reading comics in 1959. One September day in 1963 he read a comic book that was so good his brain began to scream “I GOTTA GET SOME MORE OF THESE!” 49 years and a quarter of a million comics later his brain is still screaming. Jim is […]

The Young and the Restless

The New Deadwardians #1 Review The New Deadwardians is the fourth and final new series from Vertigo and the only one that comes with zombies. (Well I guess Dominique Laveau may one day have zombies because that book is so far out there anything can happen.) The New Deadwardians takes place in the year 1910 […]