Julia Recommends Reading Snotgirl

Snotgirl is Recommended by Julia Title: Snotgirl Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley Artist: Leslie Hung Publisher: Image Comics Issue #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Ongoing     What is this book about? Snotgirl spotlights on Lottie Person, a twenty six year old well followed fashion blogger.  However, Lottie happens to be pretty shy […]

Roland Recommends Reading JLA Salvation Run

JLA Salvation Run is Recommended by Roland Title: JLA Salvation Run Writer: Bill Willingham and Matthew Surges Artist: Sean Chen Publisher: DC Comics Issue #: 1-7 TPB Volume #: 1 Ongoing Series / Mini-Series / Graphic Novel: Mini-Series   What is this book about? Amanda Waller rounds up (read kidnaps) all the villains of the DCU and Boom Tubes them to […]

Kirby 4 Heroes Back Issue Sale 2016


Kirby 4 Heroes Back Issue Sale 2016 To celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday, we are having a one-day only sale on our Back Issues benefiting the campaign his granddaughter founded, Kirby 4 Heroes.  Sunday, August 28th from 11am to 7pm. 50% OFF Table Back Issues 20% OFF Premium Back Issues (30% for Club Members) BOGO $1 Back Issues Cosmic […]

Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release Event at Cosmic Comics

Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release Event Cosmic Comics will be hosting a Worlds Finest Heroclix Pre-Release event on Saturday, January 30th at Noon.  Players will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest set before the official release! The DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest set features heroes […]

Meet Jim

Jim Brocius Founder Comic Book Hoarder MMMS Member Class of ’65 3-Time Marvel No-Prize Winner Jolly Jim Brocius began reading comics in 1959. One September day in 1963 he read a comic book that was so good his brain began to scream “I GOTTA GET SOME MORE OF THESE!” Fifty plus years and a quarter of a million […]

Meet Brian

Brian Fudge Owner Comic Book Guru Brian was like most kids growing up and had various comics here and there. Then one fateful day when he was in junior high, he found a very well read copy of the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe #5 H-J on the bus to school. He read it […]

Meet Roland

Roland P. Wellington Store Manager Gamer Roland was raised in Florida and attended college there. He moved out to Las Vegas in 2002 following in the footsteps of his parents, who had lived in Vegas before he was born. He is a gamer at heart and combines his love of superheroes and gaming with the table-top […]

Meet Julia

Julia Rudolph Customer Service Sales Associate She was born and raised right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been working in the customer service industry for over ten years. By far her favorite customers she has ever interacted with are right here at Cosmic Comics. She reads a wide variety of genres including crime, mystery, horror, […]

Meet Melanie

Melanie Sakamoto Customer Service Sales Associate Melanie grew up in a small town in Northern California. She moved to Las Vegas in 2012 with her family to attend college. She is currently majoring in Criminal Justice. Her family has a long line of law enforcement and public safety officers. So you can say her career path […]

Meet Kevin

Kevin J. Mergen Assistant Store Manager Kevin was born in 1971, and was raised, attended university, and lived for his first 31 years all in Wisconsin, so he is genetically predisposed to enjoying cold weather, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers. He moved to Las Vegas in July of 2002 both for his wife’s career […]

Board Game Night Fluxx


Board Game Night Fluxx Join Cosmic Comics Thursday, October 29th from 4pm to 7pm for the fourth event in our new ongoing monthly Board Game Night series.  This month we feature the card game with ever-changing rules Fluxx. It starts out simple, with just the basic rule card: draw one card and play one card during each player’s […]

Halloween Cosmic ComicFest 2015

Halloween Cosmic ComicFest 2015 is like Free Comic Book Day in October! Halloween ComicFest 2015 is Saturday, October 31st and is a great way to get kids reading. Think of it like a Free Comic Book Day celebration during your Halloween festivities. If you’ve ever been to one of our Free Comic Book Day celebrations then you have […]