Huck #1. Hometown Hero.

Huck #1 review Mark Millar brings the classic hero tale to Image Comics in Huck #1. It’s beginning to get to the point where we just wonder if Mark Millar is capable of writing anything that isn’t good. He has such an uncanny talent of making old stories new and original ideas great. To think […]

Starlight #1. Millar boldly goes…

Starlight #1 review Well, Mark Millar has done it again. Created then wrote some comic book I’d love to see as a movie, no, I want to see as a movie. At a distanced glance, Starlight #1 appears to be some Flash Gordon clone, but as you read each scene, take in each line, it proves […]

The Unsettling State of Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 Review In the wake of the great depression, a group of friends under the direction of Sheldon Sampson sail to an uncharted island where they mysteriously gain super powers. Their super hero bloodline continues through generations, but some believe, just because one’s born with powers, does not obligate one to use them. […]

Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer

Good morning true believers! Your friendly neighborhood Dork Knight is here to share the first look at the follow-up to 2010’s box office hit, Kick-Ass, with the MTV Exclusive Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer Premeire! But first, here’s the plot straight from the source: Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Red Mist return for the follow-up to […]

What We’re Reading

New Comics We’re Reading 8-22-12 Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan is finally released almost 3 months after Before Watchmen: Minutemen. Before Watchmen has been exploring every major character from the Watchmen original story by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons. Each mini-series has its own charm and interest, overall very satisfying and enjoyable reads. J. Michael Straczynski and […]

What We’re Reading

Week of July 18th This is a tough week there are a lot of good new comic books coming out this week, but Friday is the release of The Dark Knight Rises. We can’t seem to get that movie out of our head or the amazing TRUE IMAX film we’ll get to watch it on. […]

Hit Girl #1 Review. Hit-Girl in High School.

Hit Girl #1 Review “The Little B***h is Back!” Hit-Girl #1 takes place after the events of Kick-Ass. Big Daddy has fallen and Hit-Girl is left under the custody of Big Daddy’s ex-partner and best friend, Marcus. Insert the movie tagline here: “Hit-Girl can take down the mob, but can she survive high school?” Still friends with […]

What We’re Reading- New Comics

This Week 6-27-12 Here is this week’s “What We’re Reading” Recommendations from the Cosmic Crew on great New Comics to try out or come back to. With reviews and awesomeness for your personal fulfillment! The Next installment of Before Watchmen is here. This time we get to find out Nite Owl II‘s story from Micheal […]

New Comics

Marvel is still riding high from the Avengers film. This week comes another episode in the Avengers vs X-Men story line. An epic battle between a God and a force of nature. Does Thor have the power to turn back the Phoenix before it comes to earth? See what the rest of the Avengers and […]

Kingsman The Secret Service #1 Review

Kingsman The Secret Service #1 Review “Millarworld” has been popping out comic book after comic book these past few weeks and doesn’t appear to be losing any steam.  Following up Kick-Ass 2 and the impressive Super Crooks, Millar has dropped the Secret Service #1 this week. The Secret Service #1 starts off strong and made me literally laugh out loud with […]

Super Crooks #1 Review

Super Crooks #1 Review The surprised look on Brian’s face (co-owner of Cosmic Comics) when Matt handed over Super Crooks to me yesterday, “Millar has this book out too?”, was more a look of joyous surprise that Mark Millar had indeed released two books this month.  I’m going to assume Millar, of Kick Ass fame, rarely releases books either […]