Back from the Dead. Deathstroke #1

Deathstroke #1 review Did you really think a cancellation from DC Comics could keep ol’ Slade Wilson down? And did you really think Cosmic Comics! here in Las Vegas would actually continue to let me review DC Comics after my track record shows I tend to not care for a lot of the newest DC […]

Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Series

Harley Quinn Gets her own Monthly Title The New 52 has brought a lot of changes to DC Comics some good, some bad. Harley Quinn getting her own monthly series away from the Suicide Squad is the latest in a series of changes. The New 52 has brought a new focus on DC Comics’ long […]

Villains Month Starts Now!

DC’s Villains Month -September This Month DC Comics celbrates Villans Month. A full month of spot lighting the best villains of the New 52. This will also include special 3D motion covers for all Villains Month titles and the new Forever Evil Mini Series. Forever Evil The first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins […]

Batman/Superman in Crossworld

Batman/Superman #1 Review “Crossworld” Wow, two good Superman books this month? Hot on the heals of Superman Unchained, another Superman book lands, this time with everyone’s favorite bat character. DC must really be tired of tossing out small books that no one wants to read and throwing in the heavy hitters that everyone cares about. This […]

Superman Unchained

Superman Unchained #1 Review Has the U.S. government secretly created their own Superman? Or has Lex Luther created his very own “Man of Steel”? Could I continue to ask questions without giving away any spoilers? Not really, so let’s just cut the synopsis short on this one. The brand spanking new Superman Unchained from the […]

Constantine. Why Not Hellblazer?

Constantine #1 Review “The Spark and the Flame Part 1: The Price We Pay.” Few, long title. Constantine leaves his dark Vertigo roots and joins the brightly colored regions of the New 52. This book is an obviously toned down version of Constantine’s soon to be cancelled book, Hellblazer. Constantine is met by an estranged […]

Justice League of America. Heroes or Outlaws?

Justice League of America #1 “World’s Most Dangerous” America is always concerned about the safety of it’s citizens, and it also has some inherent trust issues. The United States thinks of everything as a threat, even the super heroes who have protected this great country time and time again. To protect it’s assets, the US […]

Katana San

Katana #1 “Way of the Outsider” Tatsu Toro has her husbands dead soul, and the souls of many others felled by it’s blade, in her soultaker katana. She’s clumsy, yet determined, weak, but strong willed. She’s searching for further training and the inner strength to wield the powerful blade she possesses. Katana’s part of the […]

The Running Man Meets Green Lantern in The Hunted

Threshold Presents: The Hunted #1 Review The Green Lantern books can really go anywhere they want these days, and The Hunted is no exception. Dealing with a renegade Lantern on the run on a planet known as Tolerance, who’s inhabitants are anything but tolerant. The planet’s main form of entertainment is hunting…man, or anything that’s […]

Talon, An Owl No More.

Talon #0 Review “The Long Run” Along with other Batman titles running their #0 course, Talon comes out of that whole “Night of the Owls” series that recently ended, or is currently still running it’s course, I’m not afraid to say I didn’t pay attention to it at all. What do you get out of […]

Sword of Sorcery Returns With Amethyst.

Sword of Sorcery Featuring: Amethyst #0 Review “Homecoming” DC Comics released a slew of new #0’s this week, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Legion of Super Heroes just to name a few. Most are titles people are familiar with, others only a select few would remember and should pick […]

Batgirl #0. Intense. Driven. Exceptional.

Batgirl #0 Review. The stream of number zeroes being flushed out by DC Comics right now aren’t staggering, their actually quite easy to get your hands on. Most are supposed to uncover the origins of each character, some miss the mark, while others nail it and take it one step further. Batgirl #0 is the […]