What New Comics We’re Reading

New Comics for August 8th, 2012 This week’s New Comics are firmly Batman Based with 3 Bat titles out this week Batman, Batgirl and Batman & Robin. DC is defiantly capitalizing on the Dark Knight Rises bring in new readers. All the Bat titles in the new 52 have been very well written and great […]

New This Week – April 11th, 2012

Happy New Comic Book Day all! Are you stuck at work just counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock so you can come #getyourfix here at the shop? Well, worry not faithful followers! Here’s a little taste of what’s in store for you when you make it down to the shop! As you can see […]

30% Off Over 1000 Graphic Novels & Hardcovers Starting Today!

Good morning Cosmic Comics readers! It’s Wednesday morning and you know what that means… NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Today’s releases include: Avengers Assemble #2 (check out the Avengers Assemble #1 Review from Nerd Farm) Avenging Spider-Man #6 (check out the Avenging Spider-Man #4 Review from Nerd Farm) Batgirl #8 Batman and Robin #8 (check out the […]