Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America The Winter Soldier Should you see Captain America? Yes! It’s a great action film! Cap, Nick Fury and Black Widow all look great. The most notable character introduced this film is Sam Wilson. Sam’s introduction and development through the film doesn’t feel pushed on the audience. The character becomes a brother in arms […]

Winter Soldier. Fury Espionage.

Winter Soldier #1 review Winter Soldier just in time for Captain America: Winter Soldier. I assume though that this storyline has little to nothing to do with the upcoming movie. Winter Soldier #1 “The Bitter March” also has little to do with the Winter Soldier himself. I’d actually call it more of a Nick Fury […]

Marvel NOW! Point One Tales From the Future.

Marvel NOW! Point One #1 Review Sorry this took so long to get to all of you, when the best man at your wedding drops by for a weekend in Vegas, you show him Vegas, so a few things were put on the back burner, Marvel NOW!’s Point One #1 being one of them. Fret […]

Fury #1 Review. Nick Fury, A Memoir.

Fury #1 Review “My War Gone By” If you can’t tell from the “My War Gone By” title from the Fury #1 cover, this mini series written by the man, Garth Ennis himself, is a memoir for Colonel Nick  Fury, dating his service in Indo-China back in 1954. This book is very dialogue heavy and […]

Who Wants to See the Avengers First?

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