Nameless #1. Zirom Trian Ipam Ipamis.

Nameless #1 review Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham team up again for something a little more cryptic and messed up than the Batman and Robin we’ve seen in the past. Nameless #1 explores the dark worlds of the occult and the doomed distant future. “Nameless”, while he points out is still a name, has the […]

George Perez and his Sirens of Boom. Sirens #1 review

Sirens #1 review George Perez, the man, the myth, and the Hawaiian shirt wearing legend brings his own spin to Boom with George Perez’s Sirens #1. Written and penciled by the man himself and being pushed heavily by Boom Comics, Sirens #1 is sure to be a smash hit, right? Right? I can’t and wont disrespect George […]

Las Vegas Comic Expo Photos

The 2013 Las Vegas Comic Expo at Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Good day everyone! The Dork Knight is here to share with you some of the photos from this past weekend’s Las Vegas Comic Expo, a popular art themed convention that focuses on Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Anime, and everything in between. Be on the […]

Space Punisher #1 Review

Space Punisher #1 Review “In space, no one can hear you die!” Slogan please: One man’s quest for VENGEANCE across a galaxy different than our own! Have you ever wanted the Punisher to fight intergalactic crime across the galaxy with a robot sidekick and super cool future gadgets? No? Well too bad because Space Punisher […]


Holy $h!t This Is Awesome! Meet David it is the last robot for Weyland Industries. You might remember them from such botched terraforming planets as LV-426. David is the predecessor of Bishop. Makes sense right? Don’t know what I’m talking. David is part of “Prometheus” a Prequal to the Alien franchise. Fox has taking an […]

Saucer Country #1 Review

Saucer Country #1 Review Saucer Country #1 Review. Vertigo has launched a new comic book called Saucer Country and with all of the unknown new endeavours into the comic book world, most of you ask, “Is the book worth reading?”. Fortunately for Saucer Country, I can see a large part of the science fiction community really digging this book. […]