Spider-Man 2016 #1. It’s Miles Year

Spider-Man 2016 #1 Review Secret Wars is over and it’s a new year so I guess that means we got a whole lot of new number ones of books that didn’t need to be renumbered. The Marvel Universe get’s somewhat of a pass since its universe was essentially turned upside down and recreated thanks to […]

Spider-Woman #1. Jessica’s So Called Life

Spider-Woman #1 Review The Spider-Verse is in full swing and completely blowing my mind, but probably not in the way you would think. The Spider-Verse is so intense and confusing that it’s actually made my brain hurt. So many spidermens so little time, but one spider with the support of her popularity has managed to […]

Free Comic Book Day Early Bird Specials at Cosmic Comics

Free Comic Book Day Early Bird Specials Every comic book shop in Las Vegas is celebrating Free Comic Book Day, but only one shop will be open at 9AM tomorrow morning and that’s Cosmic Comics! Customers in line at 9AM when the doors open will get a FREE MEGA RAFFLE TICKET for a chance to win The Amazing Spider-Man #9 […]

Hulk get’s smashed in Marvel Knights HULK.

The newest Marvel Knights series have been very enjoyable. X-Men went into the dirty south and found much more than what they were looking for, and Spider-Man ended up being one of favorite comics of the year, not that I had higher expectations of MK Hulk, but the pressure was definitely on for it to […]

Marvel Knights Spider-Man is legit

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 of 5 I’m going to come right out and say it, spoiler, this book is legit. I absolutely loved it. It’s exactly what a Marvel Knights should be, dark and harrowing, pushing its hero to the limits. The beginning of the book faltered for about two pages, I think we’re all […]

The Rise of Silver Age Comic Books

Superheroes are enjoying a rise in popularity lately. It seems every time you turn around, there is a new movie being made that features someone with inhuman powers that comes to the rescue of the human race. This certainly is not a new fad. Superheroes were first immortalized in comic books. These comics were popular […]

The Process Of Buying Silver Age Marvel Comics

Buying Silver Age Marvel Comics The popularity of many comics from years past means that for many people, superheroes can feel like childhood friends, so reading and collecting comic books, especially older issues, can be fun process that helps many remember the carefree days of youth and adolescence. However, the process of finding and buying […]

Tips For Determining The Value Of Your Vintage Silver Age Comic Books for Sale

Whether you are twelve years old or well past your childhood, as a comic book collector you have joined a diverse group of men and women. You might be surprised to learn that adults actually constitute the largest part of that group. Because of the rising value of Gold and Silver age comic books for […]

The Most Popular Silver Age Marvel Comic Books For Sale Of The Era

Anyone who has done research into Silver Age Marvel comic books for sale quickly realizes that the Marvel line of comics during that period were the most popular among comic book readers. The Silver Age came after a decline of superhero comics following the end of the Second World War. It started within the framework […]

Amazing Spider Man Midnight Release!

New Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix Release! New Marvel Heroclix the Amazing Spider-Man will be released February 6th at 12am. We will have a special “Buy the Brick” Price saving you 20% on your boosters. This will be the first Heroclix series withe the new WILD DIALS feature. All three versions of the wall crawler come into play at […]

Morbius Midnight Son

Morbius #1 Review “Midnight Son” So… Marvel NOW! and it’s infinite wisdom gave the living vampire, Morbius his own book, despite how you feel about it. And despite the preview in The Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, they decided to recap his sob story again in this issue. Morbius leaves his superhero filled city in search of […]

The Amazing Spider Man #700 Review

The Amazing Spider Man #700 Review I write comic book reviews often, and I feel I do a pretty good job at not spoiling anything about the book to my small audience of readers. Spider-Man #700 has proven to be one of the most difficult books to talk about, as of late, without revealing any spoilers. I […]