WARNING!!! ADULTS ONLY! – The Pro Animated Short


Pro Animated Short originally posted at: http://goo.gl/ubXg8 Kickstart Productions presents a Titmouse Inc. Animation “THE PRO” (created by Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti) This past Saturday Nerd Farm posted “Try The Pro if You Like Hookers and Blow,” a review of the Garth Ennis TPB (that’s trade paperback for those of you who are […]

The Pro Review. Try “The Pro” if You Like Hookers and Blow

The Pro Review The Pro, written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Amanda Conner was released as a trade back in 2004 and is now successfully into it’s sixth printing this year, thanks to it’s no holds bared parody of mainstream comic book heroes. The Pro, also known as Lunar Lass when collaborating with The […]

What’s Fun This Week

May 9th, 2012 For all you Gamer and Comic fans the next series of Batman: Arkham City Action Figures is out. Now you get Batman in detective mode, Catwoman, the Riddler and more for your own collection.   The follow up to the massively successful 1983 Illustrated Frankenstein is finally here. Frankenstein Alive, Alive! brings […]