Moloch the Mystic #1 Review

Moloch the Mystic #1 Review “Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned” DC Comics is pumping out a ton of  “Before Watchmen” books, and not all of them are the heroes you would expect to see. No, it seems they’ve wandered into unwritten territory, dove head first into one of Watchmen’s most notorious villains, Moloch […]

New Comics Staff Picks For This Week!

New Comics for October 3rd, 2012 What we’re reading: where the Cosmic Crew talks about a few of the books they look forward to reading this week! Avengers vs X-Men Concludes This 12 issue mini series comes to an end this week. It was spear headed by the best talent Marvel Comics has to offer. […]

What New Comics We’re Reading

New Comics for September 12th, 2012 The Phoenix is hot, hot, hot   Avengers vs X-Men is nearing its end. Avengers vs X-Men #11 is sure to please with only 1 issue left in the summer blockbuster story.  Brian Michael Bendis returns for this over sized issue. All the major players in the X-Men universe are not […]

What We’re Reading

New Comics We’re Reading 8-22-12 Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan is finally released almost 3 months after Before Watchmen: Minutemen. Before Watchmen has been exploring every major character from the Watchmen original story by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons. Each mini-series has its own charm and interest, overall very satisfying and enjoyable reads. J. Michael Straczynski and […]

What We’re Reading

Before Watchmen: Rorschach Begins this week.  Rorschach, portrayed has a fascist and existing in the shadows and filth of the city in Moore and Gibbon’s original Watchmen, is the darkest of all the Watchmen characters. Brian Azzarello is the writer of this 6th Before Watchmen Mini-Series exploring the dark Anti-Hero. Azzarello is one of the best crime writers in […]

What New Comics We’re Reading

New Comics for August 8th, 2012 This week’s New Comics are firmly Batman Based with 3 Bat titles out this week Batman, Batgirl and Batman & Robin. DC is defiantly capitalizing on the Dark Knight Rises bring in new readers. All the Bat titles in the new 52 have been very well written and great […]

What We’re Reading

Week of July 18th This is a tough week there are a lot of good new comic books coming out this week, but Friday is the release of The Dark Knight Rises. We can’t seem to get that movie out of our head or the amazing TRUE IMAX film we’ll get to watch it on. […]

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1 Review

“Before Watchmen” Ozymandias #1 Review “I met a traveler…!” Like many of the previous Before Watchmen titles, Ozymandias #1 has Adrien Veidt  recollecting the construction and destruction of his life before he undertakes his “great mission”, which I will keep a secret if you haven’t read the original Watchmen book. Ozymandias was born brilliant, inherited […]

What We’re Reading-New Comics

New Comics on July 4th! That’s right folks this week even with Independence Day upon us, new comics will be on time! This Wednesday, July 4th we’ll be having a 20% Off Sale! It’s a great reason to take a break from the BBQ and fireworks to catch up on some back issues or start […]

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1 Review

Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1 Review “No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.” It’s quickly being established that the “Before Watchmen” series is going for broke. I have yet to read one that’s bad, let alone just decent. Nite Owl #1 hit store shelves today, and with 3 more stories still incoming, I can’t imagine […]

What We’re Reading- New Comics

This Week 6-27-12 Here is this week’s “What We’re Reading” Recommendations from the Cosmic Crew on great New Comics to try out or come back to. With reviews and awesomeness for your personal fulfillment! The Next installment of Before Watchmen is here. This time we get to find out Nite Owl II‘s story from Micheal […]

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 Review “Smile” “Before Watchmen” has done a fantastic job showing you the Silk Spectre and Minutemen, but has it prepared you for the Comedian? Which is truly an unfair question to ask since nothing can prepare you for Eddie Blake. But instead of seeing a rage filled psychopath you find a […]