Avengers vs X-Men AvX #7 Review. Can Hawkeye “Die” Again?

Avengers vs X-Men AvX #7 ReviewAvengers vs X-Men AvX #7 Review

The Avengers may not be in as much trouble as they once believed. Scott Summers seems to be unbelievably merciful even after his “No more Avengers” quote of last issue. Others of the Phoenix Five aren’t so forgiving, and a small fission is beginning to appear among the rank and file. The Avengers are a hardy and sturdy group that doesn’t become discouraged easily, even in the wake of defeat. The arrival of the Scarlet Witch has birthed new life into the group. The Phoenix Five’s fear and respect of Wanda’s powers have given the Avengers hope in what they believe is best for humankind. A smoke and mirrors tactic works only for so long…

The Avengers vs X-Men story is an unrelenting masterpiece so far, each issue cannot arrive soon enough. If you aren’t reading this series yet, you’re a fool. Continue reading Burke’s review over at nerdfarmblog.com and come pick up every AvX book at Cosmic Comics!. Remember, Burke says you’re a fool if you aren’t reading it. #getyourfix!

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