Happy Father’s Day From Cosmic Comics!

Happy Father’s Day From Cosmic Comics!

Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful dads; to the men out there that work those overtime hours so that their little ones can have not only what they need, but some of the things they want too; to those dads that take vacation days so they can take their kids fishing, camping, etc.; to the men that play with LEGO®’s and action figures with their kids and that teach them how to read, write, and ride a bike; to those men that do all those little things that would take me forever to list and have a smile on their face the entire time they do them, this is YOUR day!

That being said, I’d like you all to meet my favorite superhero father: Bruce Wayne!

His son, Damian Wayne, is the often misunderstood and rebellious son of Bruce Wayne & Talia al Ghul; trained by the League of Assassins, Damian learned to murder at a very young age, which proves for a tumultuous relationship with his father who lives my a strict no-kill code. My favorite series, Batman & Robin, is equal parts action and watching the father/son dynamic evolve. You see Bruce in a completely new light, one where he is not in control and struggles to teach his son right from wrong. The reason he is my favorite superhero father is his willingness to work through Damian’s issues with him, a trait I believe all father’s should possess. He is quoted saying he just wants him to be the best Damian Wayne he CAN be. That understanding amazes me.

Happy Father's Day From Cosmic Comics

Now that I’ve told you my favorite superhero father (and a bit of why), I would love to hear who yours is! If you’d like to read more about Bruce & Damian’s relationship, which I HIGHLY recommend, you can #getyourfix for Batman & Robin at Cosmic Comics! in Las Vegas.




  1. Ashleigh says:

    Amazing article! I didn’t even know Bruce Wayne had a child. You really know your stuff :)

  2. Larry Ish says:

    While Luke Cage is a VERY close second, mostly because he understands the whole “With great power..” thingy but knows he has a child he’s responsible for, I would have to go with Jonathan Kent.

    Sure, there are plenty of adoptive fathers who have done great jobs raising children who are not their own and have ended up being more of a father to them, moreso than their own fathers, but how many had to do that with a child who had almost godlike powers?

    Not only did Jonathan (with equal help from his wife, Martha, of course) have to raise an adopted child, they had to teach him morals and values that would lead him to become one of the greatest heroes planet Earth has ever had. Clark Kent/Superman could have easily become at world ruling despot with his powers, if he had not been brought up right.

    Jonathan Kent raised a boy with superhuman powers to not only become a good person but also a great role model. And, remember, he did this without ANY super powers of his own and without ANY knowledge of what a super being was in general.

    So, yes, I would say, in the world of superhuman daddies, Jonathan Kent is the role model every parent should aspire to be.

    • Larry: Not knowing much about Superman other than Smallville… I loved the description you gave of his dad! I agree that is definitely a very appropriate role model indeed :D

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