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New Comics for August 8th, 2012

Before Watchman, Ozymandias, DC ComicsThis week’s New Comics are firmly Batman Based with 3 Bat titles out this week Batman, Batgirl and Batman & Robin. DC is defiantly capitalizing on the Dark Knight Rises bring in new readers. All the Bat titles in the new 52 have been very well written and great solid stories. Even Batman Inc has improved dramatically with the New 52.
DC’s Before Watchmen keeps progressing well. This week Before Watchman: Ozymandias #2 hits stores. Ozymandias is a unique character in the world of comics with a very vibrant story created by Alan Moore and fleshed out with Before Watchmen: Ozymandias from Len Wein and Jae Lee. Len Wein has already said Ozymandias story will lead directly into the iconic Watchmen story.

Avengers, Marvel, Iron ManMarvel’s New Avengers #29 is an Avengers vs X-Men tie-in and the marks return of the Illuminati. Brian Micheal Bendis along with other writers are beginning to wrap up their story lines before Marvel Now. New Avengers has been one of Marvels best titles for ears now. The re-introduction of major players like the Phoenix force and the Illuminati insure this as another must read. Brian Micheal Bendis is also the writer Marvel’s other great titles this week. Avengers Assemble is a great spot to start for you Avengers Movies fans and this week stars the soon to be movie stars the  Galactic Guardians.  Spider-Men #4 also has events that will affect both Peter Parker and Miles Morales for years to come.

Conan, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Brian Wood, Conan, Conan Comic BookThis past weekend saw the release of Total Recall. Falling short of the Dark Knight Rises we felt a reminder that Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a legend was in order. Conan the Barbarian is still living strong due in part to the films starring the massive Austrian and Brain Woods awesome skills. Conan is a solid fun book always worth a look with Women, Blood and epic stories the live up to the legend.

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