The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX!

The Dark Knight Rises how it was meant to be seen!

You may have heard in a few weeks a little movie is coming out called The Dark Knight Rises. It will be the final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy. What you may not know is only a select number of theaters will be playing it how Nolan wants it to be seen. Brenden Theatres at the Palms is one of those theaters. Brenden Theatres will be playing the real 15/70 IMAX film version of The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman, Dark Knight Rises, IMAXThe IMAX negative is much larger than regular 35mm film. The negative holds about 10 times as much information as 35mm film does. Making every detail crisper, clearer, and fuller. You see more colors on a sharper image. IMAX also believes brighter is better. The brighter projector gives you better contrast. Your eyes absorb more information in an IMAX Theatre.

Dark Knight, IMAXI know you’re say ok so 35mm film is a tape deck compared to IMAX’s live concert, but isn’t Digital the way to go it’s what all the other theatres have? Simple put Digital is cheap. It cost very little and it will be exactly the same for years to come. With digital even Digital IMAX you are seeing a computer representation of a film negative that is then transferred to a projector. The clarity is less and the projector process does not give you the full range of color that even smaller 35mm film does.

IMAX is a term you’ve heard a lot lately, but what makes the IMAX at Brenden Theatres special? Its IMAX screen is full size and sits half as many people as simalr sized screens. Fewer people equals less noise and nicer fuller experience. Brenden’s IMAX gives every single person the desired IMAX effect. Real IMAX is meant to fill your vision. You don’t see a screen with a picture on it. You see the world Christopher Nolan wants you to see, you will be in Gotham City with Batman not watch a film about Batman!


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