Thank God Its Wednesday

New Comics! New Comics! And Stuff!

This is a Huge week in Comics! We have Free Comic Book Day this weekend. The release of the biggest comic book movie to date with the Avengers! New Releases from every major company!

Avengers vs X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine

Marvel is Keeping up with their bi-weekly schedule for Avengers vs X-Men with an explosive battle between Cap and Wolverine. Don’t forget to pick up Avengers Academy #29 to collect the full story line this week.

For all you Avengers Movie fans an awesome Hard Cover of the movie art work is out just before the Film.

Garth Ennis returns to Marvel with Fury Max, a hard hitting story about Nick Fury’s world after WWII.

Action Comics, Super President, SupermanThis week DC launches 5 new titles Worlds Finest, Earth 2, Dial H, G.I. Combat, and for you Smallville fans Smallville Season 11. This is also a perfect week to hop on the New 52 with the first 6 issues of many titles being collected into new Trade Paper Backs on sale this week.

The next chapter of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics story line looks to be very interesting as usual.

Life altering events are beginning in the Bat family with Night of the Owls gearing up in Detective Comics this week.  Batman is making his presence felt just in time for the Dark Knight Rises to hype up.

X-O Manowar, Valiant, Aric of DaciaWe are extremely proud to over an amazing book, written New York Times-bestselling author Robert Venditti and art by Eisner Award-winner Cary Nord, X-O Manowar! X-O Manowar signals the return of Valiant Entertainment and if it lives up to the advertising this series will be truly badass!

V, V for Vendetta, T-Shirt

Remember, Remember...






Don’t Forget New V for Vendetta T-Shirts. It is election season.

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