Extermination #1 Review

Extermination #1 ReviewExtermination #1 Review

Here’s a quick hit for a book that should be under your radar but probably isn’t. Extermination #1 from BOOM! Studios dropped this week and can be yours for almost free. Extermination puts two unlikely heroes, and I use hero loosely since one is actually a villain, thrust together to try and stop the “extermination”  (play on words hehe) of man kind. Nox, who’s essentially a Batman knockoff,  teams up with the most “eeevil” and megalomaniacal science-tyrant The Red Reaper to stand against the abomination invasion. What started as a race to save the human race quickly turns into a fight for survival forcing the couple to set aside their differences just to keep each other alive.

Extermination #1 is a very action oriented book. There’s just enough back story thrown in to let you know that Nox and The Red Reaper were not the best of friends before the alien invasion. Their whole relationship is kind of like Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy‘s in 48 hours. Nox is straight forward with a disdain for killing and foul language while Reaper is a foul mouthed criminal mastermind who’s not afraid to take anyone or anythings life. Extermination #1 isn’t brilliantly written or drawn extremely well, it’s just a fun read. Did I mention it’s only a dollar? That’s right, a fun little read without breaking the bank.

Pick up Extermination #1 from Cosmic Comics! and #getyourfix for just a buck. More reviews from Burke can be found at nerdfarmblog.com

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